Went to get a muse, came home with a venetia

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  1. So I went to Neimans today with all my intentions set on getting a muse, but they only had a small one and a oversized in animal print. So I tried both on for size and the small was way too small and the oversized I couldn't carry on my shoulders. I was going to order the anthracite from another store but I really want a large black muse. So I'm holding off until they get more in. Or maybe there will be some new colors in the fall. I'm hoping for a pretty shade of purple. So in the mean time. I brought home with me the MJ venetia, I think it's beautiful and classy and functional. I really liked the new tote style also but I have too many shoulder bags. So I had to get this baby. here is a photo for you guys.. Love it? or Hate it?

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  2. That gold hardware looks so delicious on that! I'm so happy MJ switched to it.

    How are you dealing with the big front strap?

    Congrats on your new buy!
  3. LOL! :lol: Great minds think alike... I'm thinking of getting the black one :biggrin: I need more variety and collecting more classic bags from now on. Maybe the Blake, I'm not a big fan of the strap across the bag of the Venetia.
  4. I haven't worn it yet but I think the front strap won't be too much of a bother. The more I look at the bag the more I love it.. thanks.
  5. I love MJ bags, the models seem so classic to me :amuse:

  6. Hahahha yes they do, I think the black will look stunning on you. ;) You should def. get the blake. then we'll be MJ sisters. hahahah
  7. Oh my, that bag is just gorgeous. love the quilting, color, shape....everything
  8. The bag is beautiful. I have a MJ black quilted cammie - LOVE the quilting!
  9. Go for the Blake! I LOVE the Blake. It's the one purse that I'd get in multiples. I have it in "spearmint"--it's a great functional bag. I can't rave enough about it. The fact that it has three compartments is so great.

    I put my wallet in the front one, the middle snap section holds my sunglasses, and the back zipper has my make up. Then I can put my cell in one of the pockets and mint/gum in the other. The other thing I love is that you can put a full-size notepad standing up in the middle section and easily carry the bag in your hand.
  10. Congrats on the Venetia! As long as you can deal with that strap--it's a great bag. The muse is nice, but I think the sizes are a little hard to manage on your shoulder...
  11. Congrats, KylieReese! Such a beautiful bag! Can u wear that over your shoulders?

  12. Thanks :biggrin: Blake it is...
  13. You're welcome! Just an FYI--I don't have problems carrying the bag with both straps on my shoulder, but I guess some people do--so you might want to just test it out.

    Also, the Blake comes in black regular leather and black quilted. Just something to consider. I prefer the plain, but you might like the quilted.
  14. I was going to get the blake the only reason I didn't is because I have too many shoulder bags.. and not one satchel except my bbag.. The strap is fine with me I'll just keep it open when I'm using it.. the venetia does fit over my shoulder but not with a thick coat on. It's great with a light shirt or tank top. but I'd rather wear it on the crook of my arm.. :oh:
  15. This bag is beautiful! I love it. Congrats!!