Went to FP store today for PCE!


Nov 24, 2009
I had a PCE and store credit burning a hole in my pocket. So...of course I went shopping! :smile: I saw this bag last week and fell in love with it. My store had this bag in the back on hold for someone but brought it out for me to see. This bag is completely different from the lookbook picture. It's so much nicer and huge! It's my biggest bag yet but I love it so much. The leather is shiny and has a shimmer that the older Madison collection had. The details on this bag are stunning! I can't wait to snip the tags and take her for a spin! Presenting the Dylan shoulder bag in black!

I prefer to carry it with the long strap doubled. I was initially worried about the thicker strap on the bag but I'm getting use to it. I'm so used to the thinner straps.

I also picked up a couple of little things. The universal case (fits my phone perfectly!) in the purple tartan and the op art purple mini skinny.

The universal case matches my mini skinny in the same print. I also thought all my stuff looked good with my purple gathered wallet from last PCE.

Thanks for looking!
Jan 2, 2008
O wow girl, that bag is so gorgeous! I have yet to see it IRL, look at you already going to to use your PCE! :graucho: I love your accessories too, especially that purple op art dot mini skinny! Congrats and enjoy them!!


Nov 24, 2009
Thank you! It's more than I would normally spend but my credit covered it...so, I had to get it. :biggrin: The bag is so pretty. Judging from the picture, it wasn't one that I would go for. But when my SA brought it out to show me because she said it was very me, she knows me too well!

punkin pie

Feb 9, 2008
It is absolutely beautiful! :smile:

Any chance of a modeling pic?

I am really debating getting this bag or the large Embossed Croc Sophia.....hmmmmmm...


Is thinking Italy...
Aug 23, 2009
Super cute!! I love Dylan...hope I get to see her in person next weekend. Enjoy and congrats!!!!!