Went to factory shop - look what I came back with!

  1. Well I just couldn't resist. After 6 weeks with the kids I needed a treat and fast! My plan was to buy an Araline for the A/W but it's funny how it never quite goes to plan when I go to Shepton.
    I almost came away with an orange Araline but this little sweetie caught my eye. Typically, it was double the price of the Araline!!
    This is the Judy in orange glace leather from the A/W 06 collection. It was £315 from £450. It's a bit smaller than the Araline which is what worried me at first but it takes all my stuff and I love the flexibility of the strap which means I can wear it as a shorter shoulder bag; longer hanging against my hip or as a messenger.
    That's what I love about Shepton, it has these little gems that you never see in the stores.
    orange 2.JPG orange 3.JPG orange 4.JPG orange 5.JPG orange bag.JPG
  2. Oh, I love it :tup: Very good choice. It's quite like the original Mulberry style, I think.

    Anything else notable in stock? ie different from your last visit (last week!)
  3. lovely color. :biggrin:
  4. I like it!!! How often do you visit the store???!!
    Back onto my obsessive topic- did you happen to see how much the bayswater with the leaves costs?

  5. Well before TPF had a Mulberry sub-forum I hadn't been to the factory shop for years! Now I've been 3 times in the past 2 months but that's it for quite some time.
    Stupidly I didn't check out the price of the leaves bayswater but they were all around £345.

  6. You're right, it's very traditional Mulberry. I'm a sucker for drawstrings! The heaviness and chunkiness of the Roxi's and Emmies have never done it for me.
    I had a good look around as you would all expect and the notables were:
    Mabel in dark brown. The handheld size not the whopping maxi.
    Hanover in dark brown. Also smaller Havana.
    Phoebe in oak, choc & oak, oak & blonde.
    Joni in forest green, dark brown.
    Alana in ginger.
    Annie in ginger.
    Bayswater in claret, olive green, bronze. Also Ledbury in olive green, ginger.
    Emmy in choc with oak trim. Also think they had it in ginger and black.
    Knightsbridge in oak.
    Soho in nude.
    Judy in dark brown.
    Araline in orange, forest green, coffee, claret and toffee. They also had the smaller version and the bigger one (both without front pocket but with tassels).
    Ayler in all 3 sizes, mostly in the red combination.
    Rosemary - think it was black. Dusty pink.
  7. Your bag is devilishly good-looking! The leather looks so supply and soft to the touch...:drool:

    Olive green Ledbury!!! :girlsigh:I can only dream thousand of miles away!
  8. sj - you're a star, thanks for posting all that info. I dread to think what would happen if I lived close to the factory store :wtf: I can't buy anything else until Christmas and still, I find myself thinking "hmmm, orange Araline" :rolleyes:
  9. your bag is lovely, really nice colour. Where else in the UK does mulberry have factory shop? Im in scotland. thanks
  10. wow! what a trip, I wish I lived near the outlet!

    Dont suppose anyone knows how much the ledburys are in the outlet/factory shops?

    Olive green sounds gorgeous! Is it darwin leather?

  11. York and Bicester, near Oxford.

  12. Yes it was Darwin leather. I think they were somewhere around £250 but I can't swear to it. If you look up my other Shepton Mallet factory shop thread, it's got the phone number so you could call them to check. They will mail out in the UK.
  13. Congrats on a beautiful bag! Love it, I was vey tempted by a chocolate judy last fall, they are so cute and surprisingly roomy!
  14. They are £216.00 in York:yes:
  15. Gorgeous bag Sarajane - congrats!:tup: