Went to Dillards Today....

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  1. And got two new poppys! The groovy was only 99.00 couldnt pass that deal up! And the glam tote i just loved in person i just hope 26 is not too old for it.
  2. Congrats!!!
    Very Cute!!! You are never too old!!! I say if you love it get it!!!

    Enjoy!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. I love it! I have that tote as well, its so cool I love the way the fabric feels, kind of unique. And I dont think 26 is to old lol, I will be 24, and I love it..and I hope to have such amazing taste in bags for a long time.
  4. There's no such thing as too old for it as long as you love it! Oh, and I want one of those Groovy's sooo bad!
  5. Love your Poppy ZakksMommy!! You're never too old for Poppy!!
  6. Adorable bags!!!! Amazing deal I wish we had Dillards in Cali!!! LOVE that tote I would totally carry that it and I am 23! I love pink and grey together!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Congrats on your finds....and no your not too old!! :smile:
  8. I am 26 and my little sister (20) told me it was too young for me, but DH said I could rock anything I wanted so I think that you should dress as young as you feel (within reason LOL) Congrats on your great finds!
  9. Would it make you feel better to know that I'm 49 and I have the Cobalt Glam and yesterday I carried my DD's Tartan Glam??? LOL
  10. Love it!! I have two groovys and a tartan glam tote!! I'm in my mid 30's... but I still wear it
  11. Love the new patterned Glam tote!
  12. Cute buys! Enjoy them!
  13. hmmmm well 26 better not be to old im in my 40's and I LOVE my glam tote lol.. and I have the black sig groovy awesome comfortable little bag it replaced the swing pack for me ..now I have all these like new swing packs with no home lol lol
  14. Thax everyone for your comments i was just worried about the pattern being a little young not the actual tote:tup: