Went to collect my Birkin today!

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  1. The sun is shining, the baby and I are laughing and I skip along the merry streets to collect my bag.

    I go in, big orange box appears, I am asked to come towards to back of the shop as sometimes there can be demanding onlookers wanting a bag and I am happy.

    Box is opened, bag slowly unwrapped, I get a peek of the colour, it looks divine, my heart is happy..



    Wrong colour hardware. Palladium, not gold.

    Bag back in box. Me on train home. Baby crying!

    Another one will be ordered. Sometime.

    Ahhh, it could only happen to me!
  2. Oh no!!!! :crybaby:
  3. i'm so sorry! that's so disheartening. you are strong to wait for the perfect bag. you will love your bag that much more when it comes...
  4. OH NO! So sorry to hear that...but look on the bright side...at least you have one on order for you! Hope you don't have to wait too long for the right one!
  5. that's awful....so sorry!! hang in there as your perfect bag will appear before you know it!!
  6. Oh, how disappointing...big hugs

    I am sure the store is working extra hard on correcting their mistake and will find you your perfect bag soon.
  7. So sorry, eliselady. Such anticipation, only to have your hopes dashed. Here's hoping that the Birkin of your dreams arrives very soon.
  8. Oh dear, eliselady. Sorry to hear this. Hope the combo you want pops up real soon!
  9. ohh Eliselady, big hugs!!
  10. Oh no, how disappointing!
  11. dup - oops
  12. Terrible, terrible, eliselady ! I am so very sorry !

    My heart is sad with yours.

    I hope your perfect bag will be here very soon.
  13. oh no, be patient. your perfect bag will come one day.....
  14. Thank you all, this is the only place that you know everyone will understand the disappointment! The SA was very apologetic and I tried to keep smiling because she was so great. I did go straight to Pizza Express though and ate a whole pepperoni pizza to get over my shock!!!!

    Of course it was all made worse when I called my DH to say what had happened. He was on the Orient Express on a corporate jolly and so he replied "so sorry darling, but better go now, they are just opening the champagne."!

  15. Well, I'm sure it will be here soon. Chin up...and I'm with you...I would have loved pizza. Probably would have purchased a chocolate bar on the way home.