Went to Coach today for a new keyfob

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  1. I got a new truck this past weekend since the lease from my lease was up. I went from an Escape to an Expedition!!! - fully loaded Eddie Bauer package black/tan - LOVE it - just have to get used to parking it!! Anyway, I went to see the snail, but got this instead! I always clip a charm onto my keyfob to use w/D ring in my bag, but this will work much better. Didnt see anything else new that I liked - ponytail scarves were cute, but thats about it. I also checked the Nordstrom clearance table and FINALLY scored. Black leather belted ergo flap for under $200 - woo hoo!! I sold most of my older black bags on ebay, so I really needed to amp up my black collection again. Overall a very productive day!
    purple keyfob.jpg black ergo flap 002.jpg black ergo flap.jpg
  2. I have always loved that bag, congrats!!! :biggrin:
  3. cute purchases! congrats!! :tup:
  4. Love your bag and keyfob! You look beautiful.
  5. beautiful and I never see a lot of this style either
  6. I love that bag! Congrats on the bag and the new wheels!
  7. woohoo! New car new bag, sounds like a very great day!
  8. Congrats on the gorgeous bag and new car!
  9. oohh congrats! That bag looks great on you! :tup: Congrats on the car too, how fun! I have a black Yukon XL and love it! Those Expeditions are nice! Have fun looking hot while driving that new car and rocking the Coach! :rochard: :P
  10. I have that same keyfob trigger thingy.
  11. Ooooh! Congrats on your new wheels as well!
  12. The belted ergo looks great on you!

    Why didn't you get the snail? I was thinking of stopping by my store this weekend to pick up the snail for myself!
  13. Woohoo for all the awesome new stuff :smile: congrats!
  14. Congrats on the new wheels! I have the trigger keyfob too - the one where the snap opens up - it has many uses!
  15. Love the new black bag and I am SO close to getting that keyfob myself :tup: