Went to COACH today and went WILD over this set, PICS

  1. OKAY... So I was really bad today :shrugs: but it was :heart: at first sight and a GOTTA HAVE IT!!! Love it sooooooooo much that I have already put my thing into it and am not waiting until spring, NO WAY!
    There is one pc that I still have to get and that is the med cosmetic case to match, its so darn cute.:drool: I know there are many photos of the Heritage line on TPF but none of them shows the true beauty if this bag... as many photos as I have seen did not prepare me for the beauty of this bag/set.
    I also seen the Heritage XL satchel in Brown and I really liked it other than the color, I thought it would be huge huge but it really is not that big/huge... just large. I also seen the MED. Heritage satchel In Brown and White but to me it was just a little plain compared to the XL one because it does not have all the hardware/extras on it :tdown: NO OFFENCE if any one has it but I wish they would have dressed it up just like the XL one.
    Okay here are the photos , they are not the best since its night and I couldnt wait to rip the tags off to put my thing in it :yahoo:


  2. Congrats on all your goodies! They are GORGEOUS!
  3. Yay!!! I am so happy for you! I love your set!!!
  4. Love your new goodies!!!! You WERE bad today. LOL :p Its fun to be bad !!!:supacool::graucho: Enjoy your new set!!!:tup:
  5. Nutz! We are tote, wristlet, mini skinny twins!! lol ;) Congrats!!
  6. I know ... you are such an trouble maker :lol:. It was your set that made me have to go see this IRL and boy did I flip. We both must get that cute little cosmetic case, its adorable!
  7. Wow! Beautiful set! I really like the pink! Congrats and enjoy all of your new goodies!
  8. I love everything. Your just missing the ponytail scarf.
  9. Wooohoo!!!!! Congrats!!! Great stuff!!! I LOVE the Heritage line!!!! You'll LOVE them! They are awesome!
  10. Beautiful set you will love this bag.. Great choice!!
  11. congrats..I love this line:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Good for you. I love having all the matching accessories. Enjoy your new bag!
  13. modeling pics, please!
  14. Congrats on all your brand new stuff! I love the matching accessories too!
  15. Very cute.