Went to Coach to visit my Heritage tote again today!

  1. The more I see this, the more I like it! It would be so practical for summer trips w/the kids, vacation, etc. I tried both the small and medium again, and I think now I want the medium. I was going to try to size down a bit, but for $40, you get so much more bag and strap drop w/the medium is better. It was the first time I went into the store when both of the SAs who usually help me were there! I didnt know what to do -it felt kinda weird, but then the one I met first just took over! I have to go show her my pond patent tote - she recommended it to me, and is dying to see it on. She showed me the new books with some of the photos posted in another thread. Straw stuff (not for me), the leather duffle w/the flowers on it is like $800 cause its vachetta leather, so no thanks on that one, and I'm still not sure about the pleated ergos. They are weird shaped - kinda long and oval shaped. Have to see these in person. Oh and she also showed me the new legacy line - in patent! They had a Gigi in putty (tan color) and a shoulder bag in black patent. I did not like these bags in patent at all - legacy should be vintage leather. Thats all I could really see since my 5year old wanted to go get a Transformer! I got this little guy just to satisfy my Coach craving!
  2. so cute.. just bought that a couple of weeks ago as well! great choice! :tup:
  3. I was at the store yesterday checking out the bags as well. I love the coating they put on there. I got a charm too...actually my first!!!!:yahoo:
  4. What color were you looking at in the Heritage totes?? If its going to be a summer bag, I'd wait till March PCE if you can. It will be EVEN cheaper then!:tup:
    Your charm is too cute! Perfect thing to buy when you need a Coach fill!!

    I'm with you....I can't imagine Legacy bags in patent....:shrugs: They should stick with the nice vintage leather. Thats what Legacy is known for. hmmm.......those will be interesting to see IRL...
  5. I want to get that charm, I think I might order it off the Macy's site.
  6. I like it in this color - I love this whole set. No, I'm not purchasing bags now - I'm good for a while. Maybe for PCE - that would be perfect timing!
    heritage tote.jpg heritage wristlet.jpg heritge skinny.jpg
  7. Cute Charm!! That one is on my list too!

    Now.. Legacy in Patent... interesting.. I am loving the Patent Ergos but I don't know about this..

    now, I did love that Teal Patent legacy wallet that was shown on another thread.