Went to Coach Factory @ San Marcos today...

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  1. ..and came back empty handed. Was elated from the moment I entered the store, because there were "Additional 20% Off" signs everywhere! I love when I come on weekends like those; makes me feel like I'm saving even more :p

    After quickly scanning the shelves, I spotted a large Hamptons Carryall Tote in all white leather -- I have a great weakness for all things white...and leather...and COACH! I grabbed it and it was marked down to $209.99 + Additional 20% = $168 (before taxes). I grabbed a short bandeau with brown small signature on white background, and tied it to the bag - and I was just about in love.

    So how did I end up empty handed? Well, for starters, I am on purse-ban since I finally found a gallery tote (6234) from Spring '06 on eBay for the same price as this Carryall. Second, I'm laying low with the finances. My DBF came in and saw me carrying the bag, and asked me, "Do you really need it?" I thought back to the gallery tote I had recently bought, and said, "No..." [I felt like :crybaby: inside]. I put it back on the shelf, bandeau tied to it and all, and left without looking back.

    Outside, I was still really sad, but I didn't really need it...or did I? It would have been a great clean-looking tote for work...

    What would you have done?

    *For those of you wondering why I didn't ask my BF to buy it for me, it's because he bought me one the last time we went to San Marcos, back in May. That, and I'd feel uncomfortable asking him to indulge me when I know he has other more important things to pay for, including school.
  2. Aww, that stinks:sad: I could never even go into an outlet if I knew I shouldn't be buying anything.. It would make me so sad.

    I would have bought it. Thats just me though.. If I REALLY love it and I know that I may not be able to get another I usually go for it. Especially if it is a great price.
  3. That sucks :sad: That would have been a really great deal, but sometimes you need to make sacrifices.
  4. Awww.....that is the saddest story I've ever heard.....:crybaby:

    I too know how tough it is to say you don't want a bag. I was all sad last night and I was looking on the Coach website (and the carryall is actually what I was looking at, only in sig.) and my DH was like, " would you like to order something?" and inside I was like "YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS:nuts:" But I also know that we are house shopping right now, and need to save money, plus the Holidays are coming up.....sooo....:sad:

    It's okay, we both took our big girl pills. lol. This is a huge step for us. Plus the carryall is a classic--it will pretty much always be there.:flowers:
  5. You showed great restraint, you should be proud of yourself!

    On the other hand when I have tried to financially responsible, the bag that I put back haunts me until I break down and go back and get it!:graucho:
  6. I'm sorry, that must have been SO hard!!! I think you are doing the right thing though, if you are on a ban and have finances (I am in the same boat) but even going into the outlet is temptation!!! You made the right choice, there will always be other bags! ;)
  7. I know it's disappointing but you showed great restraint so you should be proud of yourself! I am learning this again myself. I keep going in cycles; I'll purge and keep what I need then buy and overdo it then I come back to reality and purge again. Sigh. But that's so awesome that you did the right thing!
  8. Wow, thanks everyone! Yeah, my DBF told me that he was proud of me.

    jenny70: Yeah, it's haunting me, but like LAltiero85 said, the carryall will be there.

    I think I will go check out that Money Talks forum, sounds like it'd help me quite a bit ;)
  9. Congrats on restraining yourself!! I know it's sad to let a bag go, but you'll feel so much better knowing that you had willpower. I have the same problem whenever I see a sale, but I made a rule - don't buy it unless I had already decided before knowing about the sale that I was going to get that bag. It's helped me to save money! Now I have a list of bags that I plan on buying, and I don't ever deviate from it.
  10. hey, i live in cibolo... where are you at?? i'm trying to sell one of my purses on craigslist so i can make a trip to the outlet... i want a duffle, did you happen to see any there?
  11. aww im so sorry...i woulda bought it anyway...you deserve it...
  12. I don't know what's worse...to find a bag when you don't have the money or what happened the last time I went to San Marcos: to not find anything when you have the money and have driven 4 hours one way to get there...:crybaby: