Went to COACH during lunch break...

  1. Everything i so awesome... i want to buy the Legacy in Pond... all look sooo nice! I love the Ali!! I hugged the Mandy and I didnt want to let go... lol

    Just wondering if anyone here got the small mandy (not sure if that was its name) in ROSE??? The pinky color?

    At an event I saw someone with it and i almost died... so nice! I hadn't see that one, and I never hear anyone talk about it... Did any of you snag it? and if so do you have pics????


  2. I believe the rose one you're referring to is in the shoulder bag. Yes, it has been mentioned quite a few times on this board. I guess you could do a search for the posts. If you check eBay, I think there are some for sale so you could at least see the pics.
  3. I know candypalmer was at a store where they had the rose shoulder bag, and as of a couple weeks ago, the Coach store in the Plaza at King of Prussia, PA had one, as well as a rose flap bag.

    I actually bought a rose legacy flap at an outlet, but wound up exchanging it - I keep trying to do pink bags and it just doesn't work for me (but the color is lovely).

  4. oh ok i see... ihave an overflap in rose but its not that lovely soft pink leather as the shoulder legacy... very nice!
  5. Would love to see a pic too if anyone has one of the rose color.