Went to Chanel yesterday.. need help...

  1. I need help identifying the PERFECT Chanel bag that I saw at Saks. It was a soft neutral (pinkish) color. Large with a strap that fit over my shoulder. In fact the chain strap went from having two pieces to one. It was massive and and the leather was so supple. The shape was rectangular with outside pockets on the sides with the CC outline. The price was listed as about $1500 - $1600. There was no one available to speak with about the bag (in fact the boutique was completely empty). I wanted to know its name, if it was available in other colors, how long it has been available, etc. Any help would be beyond appreciated. :smile:
  2. can you search eBay for a photo?
    Hmmmmm. . . .
  3. Yes, a photo would be great. Or anything else you can remember?
  4. how did it close?
    I can't picture the chain{?}
  5. So I did a search on EBay... no luck... I have never been on the site before so I may not having been searching effectively. The bag had a zip top closure.
  6. can you explain the chain better?
  7. AAAAH yes! I actuallt pictured this bag, bag you didn't mention the 'fold over'.
    I like it a lot, it's still current at my NM.
  8. It's called the "Ultimate Soft" - I have the large size in red.[​IMG]
  9. yplady, that is TDF!
  10. Oh, THAT bag! LOL

    I saw that a little while back on one of my visits to Sak's. I was looking at other bags and the SA showed me that one. It's a beautiful bag! I saw it in the exact shame shade you're describing!
  11. There are 2 sizes - medium & large. Colors are black, red, coral, lt. beige & dark beige. I bought the one above 2 weeks ago in Paris - was told it was the last one in Europe in the large size.
  12. Ohhh I like that one a lot!
  13. i saw the beige one IRL and it's TDF!
  14. wow I love the red colour its amazing!!