Went to Chanel today...

  1. and almost bought a gold/bronze reissue. It was stunning! Except... the girl didn't seem to know how much it was b/c there wasn't a tag in the bag. And then, a former customer (who I assume spent tons of money) approached her, and she asked if I could wait a minute. :confused1: She was in the middle of helping me! That made me a little angry, so I left. Anyway, can someone please let me know the prices of the reissues? Are there two sizes that are the same price? TIA!
  2. I dont think any of them are the same price and different size. They are all priced higher as they get bigger.
  3. The big one is $2095 . Pretty sure , something very close anyhow .
  4. Yes, thats the 227 and the 228 is is $2395 or so.
  5. Thanks, girls... I guess the SA had no clue. :smile:
  6. Oh I love my reissue 227 . Redd you got go back and pick it uP!!!!
  7. ^Yorelica- the 227 is the medium (about 12" across?) I went to another Chanel today, and they didn't have any of the dark gold. I guess I have to call Chanel to see if they can find one...
  8. I was told that bronze didn't come in size 228 and that 227 was the largest size in this color.