Went to Chanel today

  1. i got to see the new limited edition bag with the pearl chain that detaches. omg it is very cool. It has a gold chain and can be worn so many ways with the pearls- or you can take them off and wear them as a necklace. the SA was so cute and just trying it on every which way. the bag is not me (too small) but i think some thinner, cooler girl than me would so rock it. the price was a little :wtf: but then again you can get a necklace out of it too. lol.

    i also got to try on the expandable bag- the one that Jill got that zips open around the sides and bottom. OMG that bag is INCREDIBLE. such a great size and the colors- black, white, red and brown- are all AMAZING. wow. if i hadn't just bought a new bag that would have been mine!

    just had to share. i didn't get anything but i love just browsing there.
  2. This was the bag with the detacheable mirror too right?

    What size was it? 226?
  3. yes! that one. i am so terrible with names. i didn't get the size but it looked to be about the same size as the medium classic flap- perhaps a bit smaller...
  4. H, did it look like this?

  5. yes!! that's the one. so pretty. they're LE right?
  6. If it looks smaller than a medium flap, most probably a 225 then.
  7. I would love that bag w/ the pearls but ur right, price is a little too steep for me.
  8. Beautiful. :heart:
  9. it's so cute but i would kill myself with all the chains. i would probably get them wrapped around me and not be able to get out of them. LOL
  10. Chanel advertises the bag for $3225 but Neiman's newest look book advertises it at $2995.Maybe there are two sizes.