Went to Chanel in BevHills today..

  1. Went to Neimans and Chanel in Beverly Hills today and got a wallet to match the Chanel purses!! Here she is! The wallet purse in black.
    Wallet.jpg front.jpg logo.jpg
  2. Sorry, couldn't add it to my first thread..
    back.jpg middle.jpg front.jpg
  3. Very nice. Doesn't this follow up a recent Chanel purchase?
  4. i love that wallet!!!!
  5. Gorgeous! Every time I think of getting a wallet I think how that money could go toward a new bag. But a good wallet is a necessity too!
  6. Yes... I know.. Yes... :Push:
  7. I know, I was thinking the same too, cause wallets are covered by the purses... BUT now that I have two, I figured might as well. I got the wallet purse which is a tad bigger and can work as a clutch as well.. Hee Hee
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Gorgeous!!!!
  10. :love: That's a stunner!
  11. OOO... nice!

    Any other notable goodies at Beverly Hills? Any Lady Braid styles?
  12. 0o0o0o its beautiful!!!
  13. very pretty :yes:
  14. cute wallet. i love how subtle it is!
    it's good to have a matching wallet. i need one but not 'til i'm done with getting the bags i want! :smile:
  15. Thanks! You know, honestly.. NOO!! I was shocked on the limited options there were! UNLESS they are in hiding. But otherwise I saw a lot of what is the usual and my SA showed me a new hobo-ish looking bag with the grained leather like the diamond stitch's and the modern chain. He said that is 'the hot style' now.. This was after I asked if he had any coco cabas and he said it was all sold out and then he said the hobo looking one was another 'hot item'.

    Otherwise.. Lots of fine jewelry... I have to say it looked like the NM in BH had more options on the handbags.. at least of what was displayed.