Went To Chanel At My Nm Yesterday..

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  1. I went to K of P NM yesterday..briefly..I completely FELL IN LOVE with the NEW Cruise color BROWN bowler bag..I think its 1895 ish.....OMG..choc brown is TDF! I also saw the Grey MC hobo..YUMMY COLOR TOO!!!!!..But Im so in love with that bowler! It reminded me of the LV speedy shape..but the Leather was AMAZING!!!Looked like caviar?!
    Im gonna have to beg and plead with PHH to buy it for me..Ive been very bad lately..hee.hee
    OH..I wore the baby cabas too and you should of seen the SA's!!They were like...all the SA's are FIGHTING to get these bags for their customers..LITERALLY!!!LOLOLOL!:supacool: ..I felt very special to be wearing it..Oh how I love that bag!!
  2. GO GET IT :wlae::wlae:
  3. I'm dying to get something new, but I've gotta be good with Christmas coming.
  4. ^Tell me about it..eek.......So hard not to shop around the holidays..isnt it???!!LOL!
  5. Is it the larger of the two bowler bag. I have reserved one in BRONZE in caviar. Does it have two double CC in the front?
    That looks practical except you can't wear it on the shoulder.
  6. Well, I hear you Smooth I am dying to buy something new!! But Christmas is coming and I have save money or I won't be able to buy gifts for anybody other than myself!! Post of pic of it Jill so that we can swoon over too!
  7. its the smaller one..but its pretty big.....Still trying to figure out a way to buy it without PHH finding out..ROFL...Wish me luck....HEE!HEE!
  8. Get it! I wanna see!! I love your baby cabas, I totally know what you're tallking about the SA's fighting over it, LOL!
  9. OMG, so true!
  10. I really thought you would stay faithful to your Cabas for longer than... how long has it been since you received it? :roflmfao:

    You fell in love again so quickly! :smile: :lol:
  11. ^ I am FULLY capable of loving more than one bag at one time...ROFLMAO...
  12. Jill, you've gotten some fabulous bags in recent weeks. I am in awe.
  13. how does that bowler look? do you have a pic to show us?
  14. would love to see pics also!
  15. Oh, Jill, maybe this is the one you are talking about??

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