Went to buy my first LV and left totally bummed....

  1. As planned I went to the LV store today all set to buy my first LV bag. I was pretty sure it would be a mono Speedy 30. I also wanted to check out some other bags, ones you girls love and I hadn't seen in real life. Then I tried the Belem PM and it was love :love: It just seems to suit me. So the debate began - Belem or Speedy????? SA, customers and my friend allgave their opinions and most said the Belem. I liked the Speedy alot but decided in the end the Belem was for me.

    During the debate I said several times that the Belem was $700- something but no one corrected me. Since I was all ready to pay I finally looked at the pricetag - $1020! :sad2:

    I just couldn't do it. That's so much more than I was planning to spend and didn't wanna put it on credit so I had to walk away.

    Why didn't I just get the speedy you ask? At that point I was so disappointed that I didn't wanna buy the speedy under those circumstances.

    I am bummed!!!!! So now I have to decide to go back and get the Speedy, save up for the Belem or just f-it I don't need to spend that much on a bag. I am really disappointed. Any advice?

    (The Belem PM doesn't seem very popular maybe someone will put it up for sale :biggrin: hint, hint. lol)



  2. Don't settle for what you like, save for what you love. The Belem is gorgeous.:love:
  3. Save for what you really want. You won't be happy if you settle. The Damier is CLASSIC and is the oldest pattern in the LV line. It is also what I saw ALL the women wearing in Paris when I was there last month. Save, sell a few bags you aren't using, you'll come up with the $$ somehow.
  4. Get what you love, You could always get the speedy later..
  5. Hi Ann - Save your $$ and get the one you love. As I well know - unless you love it - you won't be satisfied!!
  6. i have the belem pm and i absolutely loooooooooove it!!! if you think belem pm suits you more. i say save up more money and then get the belem pm. or you can get both - not at the same time of coz!
  7. The belem is not my personal favorite, but if you love it, save for it as you will love it. You could also combine the speedy and the belem in the Damier speedy! So gorgeous!
  8. definitely save up for what you really want!! you'll appreciate it so much more. if you don't, you'll always be thinking about the belem!! it's so gorgeous, too! and in my opinion, much more special than a speedy. don't get me worry, I like the speedy fine, but they are definitely more popular and there are certainly more of them around. with the belem, you will be unique.
  9. I'm sorry your feeling bummed Virgo but I think you made the right choice. Like others have said, you don't want to settle for the Speedy if your heart is with the Belem. Try to save a little more and then go get your Belem.:biggrin:
  10. I agree, if you truely love the Belem, i say save for it. You tried out both bags and chose the Belem before looking @ the price tag. That's love w/o condition, hehehe, j/k.
    btw, don't be so bumped. *cheer*
  11. Get the one you love/want. Absolutely! Never settle for second best because you will regret it.

    May I make a suggestion? 48 years living on the planet I can pretty much figure out how to get what I want and rationalize it all at the same time! If you have to have the Belem right now and if you already have the $700.00 ready to spend then give LV your cash and put the rest on the credit card. You will have a month to come up with the difference (about $300 plus tax) without incuring finance charges and I'll bet you can find a way to dig up that money somehow.

    Don't forget...this is a bag you will have for a very, very long time and it will not go out of style. It's a beautiful bag....and it's worth the money. Better to buy quality than quantity....
  12. Are those the only bags you looked at? Cause maybe next time you'll change your mind again. Maybe surf around Elux more to see what else are your options. Seems like you're somewhat giving into what your friends think IMO. Also, there MUST be a reason why you liked the Speedy in the first place. More research, and you'll definitely be happy.
  13. Belem is gorgeous!!!!!!! I'd save up and get it!
  14. No I looked at several other bags - like the Baginolles Vertical, Speedy 25, Baggy PM, Priscilla and some others I didn't try on. I may change my mind again, sure, that's a possiblity of course, but I hadn't totally committed to the Speedy 30 in the first place. I do like the speedy and everyone says "it should be everyone's first LV" but the belem felt special to me. I didn't get that feeling with the speedy. It seemed like a great bag and very useful, but didn't get me that "it" bag feel.

    Only one of my friends went and she did think the Belem suited me better and she knows my style so - As for the SA and other customers, most said the Belem suited me better but I took that as more of confirmation for how I felt. I welcome opinions but ultimately make up my own mind.

    Again, I do like the Speedy a lot, it just doesn't feel like love :sad2:
  15. Thanks to all who read my post and also thank you to those that responded. I appreciate it! Most people wouldn't understand me being bummed about a bag, so thank you for relating :P