Went to buy LV Eliza but brought back blue MJ

  1. I was down at the King of Prussia Mall in Philly and looked at the LV Eliza closely. I then kept on shopping, went to Neiman Marcus, tried out the Anemone dress and then went downstairs to look at the MJ bags. I didn't find one that I liked and then when I went to pay for my dress I saw a cute little blue purse. I bought it! Does anyone know the name?
  2. It's called the Amanda, and it looks like nappa petrol! What a beautiful bag! Did you get a good price on it? I believe it's from a few seasons ago.
  3. It was $1131 with tax at Neiman Marcus and the last one in the store. Believe me I searched the designer handbag department well. It was on a stand next to MJ clothing. It shows so pretty with the blue flowers of my Anemone dress that I had to buy this satchel. I'm happy I got it instead of the LV.

    Thanks for letting me know the name!
  4. I didn't know the name, but I'd call it HOT!
  5. It's a really cute bag!! It's so well worth it and I love the color! Congrats!!
  6. Petrol is one of my favorite colors, in either nappa or icey texture. The amanda is a wonderful style, it has a great shape and it's easy to locate items in it quickly. I am so jealous of you now! That's probably the last one anywhere. King of Prussia is one of my favorite malls... always a great selection!
  7. Very pretty!! Congratulations!! Enjoy her!:yes:
  8. So cute! I love the color!
  9. I love that bag! congrats on the new purchase!
  10. Love the bag! I have it in black and have received many compliments. Wear it in good health!!
  11. I did it again! I went to LV to buy a wallet and brought back a Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch in Tapioca. Actually, the girls at the Kate Spade store recommended it. [​IMG]

    It looks more like a beige vanilla color. I love it!
  12. Congratulations on both purchases.
  13. looks like you have been converted!!:yes: hehe!!

    congrats...they are both beautiful!!

  14. OMG; I was just drooling over that picture on mystylediary.net and felt in
    :heart: with it immediatly! Was already googling to find a website that ships to Europe but could not find an online store that has it in stock and ships International:sad: :sad: :sad:

    Would you PLEASE try to make a picture of it by daylight, would love to see the color IRL!
  15. That's the bag I bought in Boca Raton! I asked the name too. He he.