Went to buy Father's Day card, came home with ...

  1. Metallic SPY!:shocked: Does anyone else think I need therapy?:nuts:
  2. No therapy!!! It's rare to see a spy in the Canadian wilderness, so you did a good thing!!!! Congrats on your beautiful spy :biggrin:
  3. OMG woman will you ever stop!? lol, pretty soon youre gonna be able to open up your own store. Congrats it is glamorous just like its mommy. :biggrin::lol:
  4. Wow, both of your Spys are gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. LV_addict - you are my hero!~ I love all of your bags!

    This one is gorgeous! I don't think you need therapy.:flowers:
  6. Wow, another stunning bag! You are definitely on a roll, love love everything!
  7. THANK YOU!!!
    I honestly don't know which one is my favorite now!!!:shocked:
  8. I absolutely :heart: your hologram spy!! :flowers::love:
  9. I love love love love love it!
    I ordered one, when it came, cancelled it and am regretting like crazy!!! Congrats on a great purchase!
  10. Looks great on you...another great purchase...
  11. Wow! LV Addict you have the best Spy bags! LOVE them all! You're a lucky lady! Enjoy them!
  12. Bravo!!! Bravo!!!!
  13. [​IMG]

    Is this what motivated you? :lol: :lol: :lol: I love it! Congratulations. Oh what did he get? I know he signed the receipt. :lol:
  14. Happy Father's Day to you! I love the metallic Spy. Looks great on you!
  15. OMG! It's SO gorgeous! I LOVE it!!!!! I find spy bags really work well with many styles, so I think you will get alot of use out of it!!!....don't go to my shrink, he's no help!:lol:
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