Went To Buy A Belt Buckle Instead Came Home With This.

  1. Hi!
    I went into the store for my usual visit to enquire if any birkins came in and to buy my husband a belt buckle. instead the sa showed me this beauty.She was so secretive and even took me into men's department before she would show me the bag. I have no clue as to why. at first I resisted because I really want a birkin . I did not want to buy this bag and then miss out on a birkin if one became available,but after 3 sleepless nights I went back just to see if it was meant for me to have this bag. it was still there taged for someone else but the person did not come to pick it up so the manager approved to sell me the bag. As soon as I held the bag I knew it was mine. Three people were circling me like sharks. there was no way I would let her go. now I am afraid to walk into the store incase there is a birkin available and now I spent all my money on this beauty.
    so here she is.
    red kelly.jpg
  2. Congratulations!!!


    I am no good with my reds .... is this Vermillion Togo? Or Rouge Garance Togo?
  3. Rouge Garance Togo?
  4. Congrats! It's lovely.

    and yes, everytime I stop by, I check out the Men's Dept so that I can watch all the birkins being sold that day :lol:
    The SAs are probably gonna read this and take it to third floor now. :roflmfao:
  5. Gorrrrrrgeous bag, rogicoco!
  6. wow!!! what a stunning bag! so classic! congrats!
  7. thank you so much!!!!
    i always wanted a red kelly.
  8. Very pretty bag. Remember to take some action pics.
  9. :drool: OMG. WOW. I love Rouge :love: Congratulations!
  10. It's gorgeous. Congratulations! Please take more pictures of your beauty, I can't wait to see them.
  11. rogicoco, Congrats. Your Kelly is a beauty. :smile: Did you get your husband that belt buckle you originally went in for? ;)
  12. It was a wise move not to let that gorgeous Kelly get away.
  13. beautiful -- looks like a rouge garance...
  14. Beautiful!! I think you made the right choice:tup:
  15. Congratulations. She's a beauty. :heart: