Went to Burberry outlet in Florence!

  1. I went to the Burberry outlet in Florence yesterday (The Mall): I was looking for a Manor bag but they only had one in white, so I passed down for it. The bag herself is gorgeous, but it looked like that the white leather is very difficult to look after and that would get worn very quickly. It was marked down from € 1029 to € 729. Such a pity:crybaby:I was looking for a beige one.
    There were a lot of 2nd choice equestrian check pattern bags, and the 2nd choice was just given by tarnished or scuffed studs (hardly noticeable IMO), they were all 30% off. The Ecordelia was about 340 €, the smaller ones were 290 €.
    I was quite schocked by the price of the Cindas: the mini leather one was 460, the material was 430, and the regular leather Cindas were 600!:wtf: I got my leather Mini Cinda last year in the same shop for 220 €, they've doubled the price!
    There were good deals on the Pink candy check bags - they were all 150 €!
    Coming to clothes: trenches were remarked down to 720 €, classical scarves were 100 € and skirts 120 €.
    If you're coming to Italy definetely go there, it's worth a visit, though I think it's still a bit pricey. i think I'll go there again in January when the sales start.
    BTW...I didn't buy anything in the end!
  2. Wow! Their prices are still high for an Outlet, arent they?
  3. Wow.
  4. Wow, that seems pricey! I hope the post-season sale will be better for you.
  5. ia m surprised the price is not low at all..:nogood:
  6. I must agree with everyone... It's still quite pricey... We have a Burberry outlet in Portugal and the prices here are must lower...