Went to Bruxelles and......

  1. Okay, yesterdag my BF and I were together for nine years now!! :yes: So we went to Bruxelles to just enjoy the day and maybe...a big maybe.... to buy a GST.
    Well I came, I saw and I left the store....The GST was just not my bag, It looked so different on pictures, but when I held it in my hand it wasn't screaming my name...Just when I walked to the door my eyes locked with this pretty baby..I tried her on, and she worked for it!! I was in love!
    I told the lovely SA, I had to think about it. (because it was way out of my budget):push:
    We went to enjoy ourselves with some Hagen Däzs..it was yummy but my heart was aching :crybaby:
    After that, my BF said to me:"We're buying this bag for you, but after this it's my time. No more bags for a year or so". I didn't even had to think about it, I jumped up gave him the liplock and told him he was the best BF ever!! So after this i'm on a seriouse bag ban!! But I don't mind...I'm complete now!! (well I need a white purse, but that can wait;)) There were lots of stuff in there I'll post them in the shopping thread.

    So here she is!! I love her!!:heart: I've waited a long time for her! It's the black MC east west tote!!:cutesy:
    The pics were taken last night, and I had to resize them, sorry for the poor quality...

    Brussel 10 aug2007 028.jpg Brussel 10 aug2007 029.jpg Brussel 10 aug2007 032.jpg
  2. HOW AWESOME!!!!
    Its TDF!
  3. nice bag, I love it
  4. Congrats! Lovely bag. I like this more than the GST. Now how about some modelling pictures?
  5. Thanks Jill, Bhurry & Aurora-> Love that name
    I have to think about modelling pictures:p
  6. It is gorgeous Farah, congrats! And Happy Anniversary!
  7. You have such a sweet SO. Congrats!!! I love the MC.
  8. Congrats! Beautiful!
  9. Thanks Nathalie, Messisa & Allbrandspls!
    It was the best :pfirst time with Chanel!! I seriously can't wait to take her out.
  10. Farah Congrats to you new bag, i agree with the other. I want to see some modelling pix ;)
  11. Congratulations:yahoo:

    Love it! What a gorgeous Chanel:yes:

    Congrats on 9 years with your BF:heart:
  12. Congrats on the bag and the 9 yr! I love this bag.
  13. Thank you, Ladies!!
    This is the best anniversary present ever!!
  14. Beautiful bag! Happy anniversary to you and your bf!
  15. Beautiful bag! Congrats & enjoy. =)