Went to Bloomies yesterday..

  1. And picked up this little beauty.

    I literally took pictures of this last night before I went to bed LOL.

    Think it a keeper? It has a little trompe loid (sp) Clasp in the front.:yes:
    mj skinnny.jpg mj skinny.jpg
  2. It's very cute! Is it a CC holder?? Love the color.
  3. HOW SWEET! I love it..great color too...What does it hold??
  4. PS- Post the pic in the MJ accessories REFERENCE LIBRARY!
  5. I think its cute. How much was it? i'm thinking about getting it to go with my tote, which is the same color. Pic below is of my bag, except mine is in the color of that cc holder (whiskey)
  6. ^OOH! LOVE that tote!
  7. LOL Jill already did for you! I don't know how to read the tag jargon so I just typed it as I saw it. It's a tight fit for my phone and a CC. It has a key ring as well. could fit many CCs and cash etc.
  8. I think it would look great with yours!! It came in three colours, like a parchment, dull white, the whiskey and the black with gold hardware! it was 185 without tax.
  9. Love it aarti!! I want one!!:love:
  10. Yeah keep it! it's soooooo freakin cute! love the color too it's beautiful!!!
  11. ^^Aww thanks girls!! I'm going to go later on this week to exchange it.. have to go pick up my bracelet from tiffanys so might as well because I know this is going to irritate me.. it has this one vexing pulled thread on the back. Do you think this could be used in place of a wallet? This is my first Marc Jacobs, only have done Marc by Marc. And already I'm thinking zip clutch!!:graucho:
  12. I love that color! Curious to see what the interior looks like! It is just really cute. I would use it as a wallet.
  13. It doesn't have CC slots, right? if not, I would still think it could be used as a wallet. It's so cute.
  14. its a slippery slope. i used just do marc by marc, then got the zip clutch then a month later it was a full tote......bottom line, i think you should get the matching zip clutch to use as a wallet. you'll love it!
  15. I really like it. Congrats!!!