Went to Beverly Center Pt. 2- **Pics!**

  1. Here are my "goodies" from last night. :yahoo:I'm so excited I get to cross off a couple of things from my list!
    LV Access. Boxes 01.JPG LV Access. Boxes 02.JPG
  2. awww...comon!
  3. Triplets?
  4. The big reveal.....
    LV pink and red access. 01.JPG
  5. ooooooooooo my!!!!!!!!!!! how beautiful!!!! is that framboise??

  6. COngrats!! I love the pink/red combo with the vernis!
  7. detail shots....
    LV framboise cles 01.JPG LV Pomme 4-key 01.JPG LV Pomme 4-key 02.JPG LV Red Etoile bandeau 01.JPG
  8. oooh congrats!! all soooo preety!!!
  9. Oh, pretty!!!!! I have the same key holder. You're going to LVoe it!!!

    Congratz on all the pretty things!
  10. I :heart: pink and red!!!
  11. Mmmmm, beautiful!! I am stalking eluxury for a framboise cles and there you are with one! So lovely!! The red & pink are a gorgeous combination. Enjoy it all!!
  12. They are all pretty. Congrats!!!
  13. Pretty PRetty!
  14. Love it all, nice combination!

  15. Thanks you guys! There's no one else I'd rather share with!:love:

    tamaralin: Hope you get one! You might have to call 866 tho.