went to barneys BH and I have clarity & peace of mind

  1. Hello everyone! So I finally went to Barneys to find/verify/confirm my dream bag and I received so much clarity and peace of mind that it was sooo worth my 1 hour trip over there. I realized the following:

    1. Confirmation that I don't like firsts and prefer the city size (no offense to anyone:shrugs: ).
    2. Confirmation that I do indeed love my ink shrug and will be happy if I kept my ink shrug without getting an ink city.:jammin:
    3. Confirmation that I want a cornflower ink city, though if i kept my cornflower shrug I would probably be happy too.

    The bottom line is I LOVE MY SHRUGS! HAHAHA. Somehow I feel less of an urgency to get a city immediately, like that completely uncontrollable impulse has calmed down quite a bit. :closed: I think I would still want a cornflower city down the road if I can find one for below retail (hopefully this is possible). I am probably still going to let go of my sky blue hobo just to increase my funds.

    I saw some new colors, they only had the new rouge in the FIRST and the small wallet/zipper/pouch thing (sorry, don't know what it's called). They had the greige in most styles (which is gorgeous btw), NO BLUEBERRY, and some of the truffle. I think I shocked the salesperson with all my balenciaga knowledge. :cutesy: I also saw a gorgeous bone white courrier for those who are interested. And lots of day bags, in cornflower, lilac, grey, greige. Oh, NO MORE INK CITIES.
  2. Barney's BH already got in rouge vif City??!! :wtf:

    I'm glad to hear that you finally know what you want and don't want. I really need to get out and see rows of B-bags up close and personal for a change.
  3. OOOOPS I meant the rouge in the FIRST! I'm SO SORRYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
  4. It really really really helps to see a bunch together.
  5. I'm glad you are in a happy place! Sometimes you see the pics on here, and without seeing the bag in person, you think that you must have it! (I do, at least, sometimes!) It helps to see the bags in person, so much!
  6. That's great you went to see the bags IRL!!! I'm glad you can decide your likes and dislikes! YAY!
  7. awe, you're so cute didi-girl, i'm so happy you've made peace with your shrug babies :tender:...i'm so attached to all of my b-bags & honestly can't imagine giving any of them up!!!
  8. Didi, did you hear back yet about your Cornflower shrug? I hope they were able to find you a replacement.
  9. didi, i'm happy that you are so snug and content.:tender: i bet you "wowed" them with your bbag knowledge!
  10. Didi--I'm so glad that you got to see all those lovely Bbags in person and have decided to happily keep your babies!:heart: That's so cool the way you wowed the SA with your bbag knowledge!
  11. Hi Didi -

    Did you try the Day to compare against the Shrug? How are they different when carried?

    I have a shrug, but thinking I might want a Day instead. :smile:
  12. Cool, thanks for the update Didi, your shrugs are indeed lovely. Did they say when they'll be getting the blue-grey in?
  13. spiralsnowman: no the salesperson didn't know, but she knew that they weren't getting the blueberry in at all.

    ocgirl: The day is much bigger and sloughier than the shrug. I have a day too and it's quite wonderful, more roomy and it hangs down lower than the shrug.

    update on cornflower shrug: still waiting for Brandi to get back to me. it's taking a while.

    And I definitely wowed them with my knowledge...I was like, "that's the truffle...(when the Salesperson said it was brown), oh that's courier, that's the city...blah blah blah." haha!
  14. you're too cute! :lol: :cutesy:
  15. It certainly sounds like it was a worthwhile trip. I'm glad you were able to sort things out.