Went to BalNY in the pouring rain!!

  1. I went to BalNY today and these are the colors I looked at:

    Cinnamon - city/work (RH)

    Sienna- city

    Ocean- city/work (RH)
    work (GH)

    Army green- city (RH)

    Steel- city/work (RH)
    city/work (GH)

    Grenat- work

    The steel is very close to the black, maybe a dark charcoal color. The leather on the steel looked really nice with GH.

    Ocean is really nice... resembled the cornflower a bit.

    Cinnamon is similar to 05 chocolate which I thought was really pretty in the city.

    Sienna is a whiskey color but a bit more brown compared to the Chloe whiskey.

    Oh yeah, Bal also had the grass green in a first and weekender. Overall, I thought the colors were nice but I didn't get anything just yet. I went with a friend from PF and I'm going to let her post the news to her new addition to her bbag family!!:tup:
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Thanks for the report!! I must have gotten hit over the head or something this morning, because I just put one of these on hold, out of the blue!! :graucho: I'm super excited though, because I need a great brown bag.... I am hoping Cinnamon is everything I'm imagining it to be!!
  3. Great report, thank you!!
  4. Did you see the silver GH too? Did you like it?

    Thanks for the scoop!
  5. heheh you are on top of things mabli!

    i was actually pretty disappointed with the steel and ocean. steel was very much a faded black color. ocean was nice. but i opted not to buy. i almost bought cinnamon in work but decided not to because brown is hard for me to wear.

    i did walk out with a black work tho!
  6. the silver GH looked nice. but i am not a fan of GH because it makes the bags so heavy. it def adds at least 2 to 3 lbs on.
  7. Thanks for the report. Can you tell me where in NYC the BAL store is?
  8. I have to say...I have a tad bit of the green eye to the fact that you gals can take a quick trip to BalNY and check the new colors out in person. Thanks Mabli for all the great info and assessment.
  9. west 22 street btw 10th ave & west side highway, on the south side of the street
  10. fay- ditto on the gh!!

    i'm still pouting that i didn't walk out with anything :sad:

    so jealous of your yummy black work!! she's beautiful!!
  11. Glad I can help!! It's always nice to be able to go to the BalNY store and see everything but sometimes its scary because all I think is "I HAVE TO BUY ONE!"
  12. Thanks Fayden. The weight of the GH doesn't bother me. Is the tone of silver pretty? Okay, I'm going to quit asking about it now.
  13. I agree, the weight of the bags with GH is considerable. The Giant Hobo is a pretty light bag so on that I don't mind it, but the others, no way. I don't want to pay 400. for something I don't even care for then to top it off, have it weigh soooooo much more.
    Still don't understand why they can do silver giant but not regular silver. I guess they want the extra $400. for the GH. tsk tsk:nogood:
  14. I think the Giant Hobo is perfect for gals that like the GH but not the weight.. I wonder what colors this will be available in come fall.

    Thanks for braving the rain and reporting back to us!
  15. Hehe,I went there too this morning,I just went to see some colors I was wondering about. And I really like the new ocean blue with silver GH, the leather is so soft and thick,very nice, so I'm on the waiting list for the WE now. And also between black and steel,I personally chose black finally after comparing in front of the mirror for a long long time.:p