Went to Bal NY today...

  1. I have the day off, so I made my way down there (for those of you that have never been to NY, 22nd and 11th is at the opposite ends of the world from 85th and 1st), so I've only been there twice...
    Anyway, the SA was very nice and kept showing me different bags...in the end I got 2 off of my wishlist... The BG Pink City and the Black Day!!

    We couldn't determine if the Day was 07 or 08, I know the code means something, but I'm not that fluent yet.

    Well, that's the end of my bag purchases for 07 - good thing 08 is next week!

    I'll post pics as soon as I can.
  2. wow! congrats! please post pics!!
  3. 2 bbags in one day? What a great day! Post some pics if you get the chance. ;)
  4. Thanks...yes it was a very good day...:heart:

    Here are the pics I hope they came out ok...

    One of my new BG Pink Work, Black Day, then both with my new Pale Magenta Coin Purse, the BG Pink work with my Violet Flat Clutch and the last one is the BG Pink and my 05 Indigo City...
    122607_16111.jpg 122607_16121.jpg 122607_16131.jpg 122607_16141.jpg 122607_16161.jpg
  5. OMG I am in love with the Indigo City!!! (and kicking myself for passing up an Indigo Work recently!!!)

    Congrats on the new loot!! :tup:
  6. Congratulations on two beautiful bags!! The leather on your BG is amazing!!
  7. Both are divine - I love it when wishlist dreams are fulfiled!
  8. i love your bg work. i just love the color. and the indigo city...yikes. never let that one go! :drool:
  9. wow wow i want the bg city. congrats!!!!
  10. congrats on your new purchases! They are all lovely!
  11. nice collection!! congrats on the new haul!
  12. I'm in love with ALL of your bags! You have a fabulous collection! :drool:
  13. Thank you so much, I love it too...:heart: for years it was my only Bbag and a rarely carried it because I didn't want anything to happen to it. I still use my others more, that bag has some strange "status" in my mind...
  14. Thank you everyone...I've been drooling over you collections for months...

    When I brought the BG City home I laid it on the bed next to the BG First I bought on Saturday. While they're both gorgeous, the City's leather is on another level...:drool: and I couldn't quite rationalize having two exactly the same color pink bags to my husband, I did try to tell him that people on this board do...but given our money situation lately, the first went back to Barneys... I was sad, but the city is just perfect...:heart:

    I'll get the first in another color I'm sure...
  15. gorgeous!