Went to Aloha Rag, came out with Violet Step!

  1. A week and a half ago, I was on vacation on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and first on my "MUST DO" list was visit Aloha Rag!

    I really wanted a city, I don't have one yet and really wanted that shape next. When I saw Violet colour in person, I knew that was the colour i wanted, but they didn't have it in city! I just really like the versatility of a shoulder strap.

    I was pretty much deciding between a rouge city or violet step, and after walking in front of a mirror a couple times with the step, i knew it was right for me! The colour and leather was sooo beautiful, I couldn't pass it up. I definitly wanted a darker, medium sized bag, as my only other BBag is a Vert d'eau First (light colour and smaller).

    I also wanted to get a coin purse! but the only variation they had was a denim one with brown triming and one black non moto style ones. So i checked out the wallets and found a cute compact style, that holds 4-5 cards, coins, bills. Got black because that goes with everything. :biggrin:

    Before I left for vacation, i did see the first pic of Hayden P. in the celeb forum... and I really understand why she carries this bag everywhere! Its a great size and I really love mine too!
    violet_cherry1.jpg violet_cherry2a.jpg violet_cherry3a.jpg
  2. Yaaay!!! Congrats, it looks stunning on you!!!:tup:

    Thanks for the modeling pics, it gave me a perspective as to how it'd look worn:yes:
  3. yay! :nuts: congrats! id like to stop by aloharag one day when i visit hawaii.
  4. Congrats!
  5. thank u!! should note for the modeling pics, that I am really small, only 5'.

    You should have seen me when i went into the store... i was sooooo happy and giddy to finally see the place in person, previously i've only been to the website only! the guy and girl who worked there were super nice too, telling me which racks were their sales items (non balenciaga stuff), and the girl brought out a lot of city bags in diff colours they had in the back, but weren't on the shelf to help me with my selection. I'm used to Holt Renfrew in Calgary, Canada, where the selection is so limited and way overpriced (a first for $1400!).
  6. so pretty, congrats!!
  7. very pretty congrats! and it looks great on you too!
  8. Looks gorgeous on you!!

    Congrats girlie!
  9. Congratulations! It's gorgeous and looks great on you.
  10. It looks AWESOME on your shoulder!!! Love it! :heart:
  11. Congrats!!!!! It looks fabulous on you!!! Thanks for the modelling pics....I am contemplating one of these!
  12. that is a beauty!!!! congrats!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. CB, you look so fabulous! The Step looks like such the perfect size and it's nice seeing a little structure in a Bbag...Congrats!
  14. Love the Step & it looks Super on you!
  15. OMG!!!! Gotta have one!