Went to a dietician

  1. So i decided after much speculation of my weight that i should just go see a dieticain..
    and i did..
    went last week.. had to have a blood test.. went this morming..

    the results are.. ( im big boned.. DUH i knew that) hahaha
    im anemic
    im 47% fat
    im only 37% water which is not good.

    so im on adiet.. for 3 weeks with the help of the following

    Reductil ( before breakfast 10mg) to help reduce appetitie
    evening primrose oil( at night) to assist with some sort of metabloism.
    Chromium (after breakfast)to balance blood sugar to prevent cravings.

    And this is my daily food

    Morning- scrambled eggs with toast (brown bread)
    snack- 2 medium size peices of fruit
    lunch- 2 cups of carbs, big peice of protien and vegetables
    snack- fruit
    dinner- NO CARBS salad and protien

    have to do this for 3 weeks then go back and see if there is a difference ( supposed ot be doing treatments too but have Formula One going on so no tiem really)

    just thought iw ould mention it and let you guys know how i do:shrugs:
  2. Just curious. What percentage of water did she say you should have been??
  3. Good luck to you. I have always thought that dieticians and nutritionists were excellent sources for helping us with our eating plans.
  4. my mom was severly anemic so she was told to incorperate cooked liver and bean soup into her diet.

    did the dieetician give you a strick meal plan and shopping list?

    good luck and i really hope that this diet helps you out and puts you on a path to a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Selena, a healthy range for women is 45-60%.

    Body water percentage tends to decrease as the percentage of body fat increases. As a person loses body fat the total body water percentage should gradually move towards the healthy range.
  6. I just want to wish you GOOD LUCK! Stay Strong! :yes:
  7. Good luck! Let us know your progress! and stay strong, if you need us we'll be here!! :smile:
  8. Good for you! I've heard lots of good things about seeing a nutritionist but never tried it.
  9. What is Reductil? I haven't heard of it??
  10. Hi guys.. sorry was MIA...

    ya the Dr. told me i have to be about 50% water.. seems alot to me but will try best i can..

    as for reductil its an appetitie suppressent.. ithink if you look it up online you will find alot about it.. its like duramine.. ( if you know that) but im only taking 10mg so its not much...

    As for the diet she just told me what i need to eat each day and said she will make it more specific once F1 is over and i can concentrate... i will DEFINATELY let you guys know how im doing ... im excited and anxious at the same time. so lets see how well i do
  11. Good luck! Everything in my opinion sounds great, but the appetite suppressant... but I won't get into that!

    The food part of the plan sounds good though... good luck!
  12. Good luck, Baby Boo. Keep us posted on your progress!!
  13. Hey BabyBoo, i am on the same plan, except i dont take reductil, only before every meal a cup of green-tea.
    I started last thursday,the weekend was horrific,but since then i am fine!
    Stay focused and good luck!
  14. Good luck Baby Boo!
    How did you find your dietician? I was thinking about going to one myself but I don't want to just look up one online. Thanks!!
  15. good luck with the new food plan!!

    I was thinking of going to see one too...

    good luck with F1 - SO fascinating!!