went to 57th street maison, nyc yesterday...pics inside!

  1. i went to the store yesterday and tried to snap some pics of newer stuff. it's from my camera phone so i'm sorry the quality isn't great. i'd photoshop it to make it look better but my program is on the fritz. pics of new vernis violette and damier azur and ebony berkeley. the lighting in the store distorts the color of violette a little...i apologize.
    berkeley1.jpg berkeley2.jpg violette1.jpg violette2.jpg
  2. Wow thanks, they are gorgeous. I really want to go there, but last time I tried I was stuck in traffic for almos 3 hours and finally gave up. I'm planning to try again leaving the car in Brooklyn and taking the subway.
  3. Great pics!
    Did you notice what the bestsellers were at the Madison boutique? Or what was being carried the most? Very curious....
  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I was going to try to get photos while I was at LV about an hour ago but there was no way. Too many SA's around.
  5. it's a great store. i try to buy all my stuff there because it's a major store and usually always has events. when i buy everything i want there i'm more likely to be placed on the lists to attend events. plus i know a lot of the SAs there.
  6. Thanks for the pics! Loving the Violette Vernis!
  7. Thanks for the pics!! I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about violette...
  8. it's actually 5th ave, "maison" is the title of the store to distinguish the store status. bestsellers, not sure. i actually didn't notice anyone carrying anything groundbreaking. i had my suhali lockit pm with me.
  9. I really need to go to this boutique since I live here.
  10. love the mc slides!!!
  11. princess_eab, where do you normally buy?
  12. Online! I know, it's crazy, but I don't have a lot of time to go shopping, and I don't like paying the sales tax. :rolleyes:

    But I'm thinking my birthday is coming up soon and I should get the "boutique" experience!

    Are the SAs nice enough there? I hear the Soho ones are awful. That's another thing keeping me out of the stores.
  13. ^^^ both of mine recently left, i had to switch to a new one. some are crazy and run around too much, some will gladly stand there and help you. it's best to go at an off time.
  14. AHHHH!!! I absolutely LOVE that violette vernis!!! Thanks for the pics - I wish lv.com would update faster! I need a violette... something.. or two...
  15. Your cell phone pics look so sharp!!! What type of cell phone do you have?