Went through a CODE ADAM yesterday @ Wal-Mart

  1. I have to share what happened yesterday while my family and I were shopping at Wal-Mart. I was looking at some toys with my three year old girl and asked DH where our 2 yr. old girl was, he looked down the aisle and there she was by the bike section. I told him to go and get her while I watched our 3 yr. old. He comes back and says he can't find her. OMG!! My heart is beating so fast and the tears are coming out. I find the nearest SA and they directed me to customer service to fill out description on her. They told me to wait there and a couple minutes later they said they found her at the bike section. I ran over there and there she was hiding. I ran to her and picked her up. As I picked her up, I noticed that she pooped her pants and realized that was the reason she was hiding. That is the most horrible feeling not knowing where your child is. Wal-Mart did their job on the CODE ADAM. The employees were all over the store. Gives you a reality check I tell you. Just had to share to my fellow PF'ers. :flowers:
  2. Im soo glad you found her and that she was ok. Poor thing...

    can you explain this 'code adam' concept? Ive seen that at the entrance of wal-marts but I never knew what it was...
  3. OMG, that is so scary. I have went thru almost the same scenerio with my kids too! It is a mother's nightmare! I am so paranoid now. You can never be too careful though!

    BTW, I LOVE your avatar! I LOVE Gene Wilder and have had a weird crush on him since I was young. I'm 35 now!
  4. Code Adam was named after Adam Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted host, John Walsh. Adam was kidnapped and murdered while shopping, with his parents at a Sears in Florida in the 1970's. He was only a little boy.
  5. That sounds so scary!! I would be terrified but I'm glad the situation concluded with a happy ending. :smile: Glad to know your daughter is alright and that these employees were well trained.
  6. so glad that your child was found right away.. and yeah, good that Wal-mart did their job....

  7. Ooops! I forgot to attach this to my expanation, above.

  8. thanks for that~! I thought it had something to do with that....
  9. It's every parent's nightmare I tell you when you can't find your child. My two year old is notorious running off. I didn't take any chances. I have heard of the Code Adam and knew what happened to him (poor thing). I'm so glad that alot of retailers are doing it. They asked me what what color of hair/eyes, height, clothes she had on, and color of shoes. DH said he was glad I knew cuz he wouldn't have had an answer on the clothing part.
  10. Glad she's okay! Been there! My daughter was 3 and took off running thru racks of clothes in a huge department store. My husband and I were both watching her at the time. She was literally walking from me to him (a distance of maybe 5 feet) and then she took off running in another direction! Since she was so little and so much shorter than the racks and racks of clothes, we couldn't tell where she ran off to. I FREAKED OUT! My husband stood near an exit which took you outside that was very close and I ran thru the store for what was maybe 3 minutes but of course, felt like a lifetime.

    I called her name over and over. Asked people who where shopping if they'd seen her. Employees were looking. Nothing.

    Right before I was about to lose it completely, I decided to check the fitting rooms. There she was. In the last one, hiding from us. I was relieved and furious at the same time. But more relieved than anything.

    That has to be the most helpless feeling in the world for any caring parent.
  11. omg I'm so glad that everything is ok

    but that must have been so scary
  12. Glad you eventually found her! Poor thing, she must of been so scared! Kudos to the Wal Mart staff for locating her so quickly.
  13. That's really scary!! I'm glad all was well in the end.
  14. O boy, my friend recently told me a story about a little girl in Disney World. She said a family was waiting on line to get on a ride. They turned around and their little girl was gone. They spoke to security and they closed down all of the entrances & exits to the park. People were only allowed to leave through one exit. Security told her to look at every childs face, not their clothing & hair. 45 minutes passed and she found her daughter. The people were arrested for trying to kidnap the little girl. GET THIS... They cut her hair dyed it brown & dressed her like a BOY! The mother was shocked because her daughter was walking with the kidnappers very calm. She wasn't putting up a fight.

  15. That is the most awful feeling in the world, when you can't find your child. I am so happy that you found your baby safe and sound!