Went shopping yesterday! :)

  1. And dear husbond got a bag too! :wlae: I finally got him talked into a LV bag :sweatdrop::yahoo:
  2. :graucho:
  3. :P
  4. Fab purchases ... I have the suhali lockit and LOVE it .. such a great bag:wlae:
  5. Awsome haul!!! Can't wait to see the final pics :nuts:
  6. Wow they are gorgeous congrats.
  7. Those are some fabulous purchases you got!!! Woo Hoo!!! Congrats!!
  8. Thanks!!! :heart::smile:
  9. those are really classy pieces!!!! congrats! great taste!
  10. Alma....I LOVE the silver hw :heart::love:
  11. Gorgeous bags! Lucky!
  12. Black Suhali Lockit pm :drool::love:
  13. Wow! Unbelievable haul! Love the suhali!
  14. Ups! here she is :shame:
    lockit (Large).JPG
  15. Congratulations! Just beautiful...