Went shopping today... and saw TOO much LV

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  1. So, until today, I had only seen one LV in North east Indiana, other than my own. So today, we went to Macy's to find work shoes, and buy some COACH items, and within 15 minutes I saw the Neverfull PM, MM, GM, a Wapity case, and the Popincourt... and a FAKE denim Speedy....

    THATS TOO MUCH IN 15 MINUTES!!! Seriously... in all this time I had never seen LV in my area... and today... IT WAS EVERYWHERE!

    I was actually annoyed by it. And of course on today of all days, I had my Speedy with me....

    I should have carried my COACH!
  2. Aww, it's okay. I feel annoyed too if I was surrounded by everyone carrying LV.
  3. This is why I sometime feel like getting LE pieces even tough they are expensive as you don't see them around that often.
  4. Hee hee... don't move to Manhattan... you'll see LV every time you turn around.
  5. :true: One time me and my SA were talking and a girl came in with a fkae MC mezzo and we read her!

    SA Nice bag
    Her Thanks (nervously)
    Me I've never seen that one B4. Where did you get it?
    Her NYC
    Me Oh which store? Soho or 57th and 5th.
    Her Ummm

  6. That is so annoying! Sometimes it's much nicer having non-monogram bags which are usually not faked as often and can be appreciated by us authentic LV owners.
  7. Sometimes that isn't a lot of fun! I'm still happy though that I even have the LV I'm carrying...
  8. Well as long as they were authentic it would not have bothered me. They may have been fellow tpf just being drawn together by the pull of LVe.
  9. That's why I put somd kind of charm or bandeau to personalize my bags!
  10. that's what's fun about LV - - it's classic, and come on, not everyone carries LV. I saw a woman carrying a very patina'd very saggy speedy today and thought "good for her".

    Even the lady who owns the deli got has one, and we got to talking when she complimented my ManhattanGM, she pulled out her bag that she's had for 10 years. The patina was a badge of honor.

    I see alot of damier here around where I live, and the damier azur is out in full force . . .
  11. Ha Ha....I saw 3 Galliera yesterday...all pm size...The bag is sure popular.

    That's why I feel patina actually give a sense of personal ownership to the bag...Hence, yes, I still love bags with vachetta.
  12. I actually enjoy seeing LV out and about! I like to see what real people look like with their LV.
  13. OMG that is too funny.....I live in Northeast Indiana!!! But I wasn't out today though. :lol:

  14. same here! =]] but sometimes it does get a little annoying. lol
  15. Don't worry, I'm surrounded by LV in southern Cali!