Went Shopping For A MIU MIU And Bought My First Chloe !!!

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  1. I've been looking for a great leather bag an today I found one.The leather on this bag is buttery soft and gorgeous to boot.

    The style is called the Ava large east-west satchel,it can be carried using the shoulder strap,handheld or on your arm.
    The color is called Antilope and the pics don't really do it justice.I'm tickled pink with my purchase,hope you gals don't mind me sharing but I couldn't contain myself :yahoo:.





  2. Just gorgeous! Congratulations on a great purchase.:yes:
  3. She's delicious! Congrats:yes:
  4. The colour is fabulous!
  5. fabulous, love that buttery rich leather yumm!
  6. Cat, congrats on your 1st Chloe. Thanks for sharing pics. =)
  7. So pretty! I've never seen this model before. The color is gorgeous. What's its official color name?
  8. Congrats Cat! :yahoo:

    I love the Ava! And I love the Antelope colour! Isn't the leather the softest ever!! :heart:

    Great choice! Enjoy your new bag :love:
  9. I'm with Balchlfen, I love AVA; she's a doll and worthy of the Chloe legacy. Her leather is unbelievable. You made a fabulous purchase. Congratulations.:jammin:
  10. Thanks lordguinny:smile:.It's the first time for me too,but the moment I saw it I fell in love with everything about this bag.
    The SA checked the computer for more info regarding the name and color because the tag said tan,but the color is called Antelope.I had considered buying a paddington a year ago but passed on it because of the weight of those locks.

    Balchlfen & susieserb you are so right this bag is everything a leather bag should be an more.The leather on this bag is too good to be true :yahoo:.Can you tell I'm excited,my LV's may never see the light of day again :lol:.
  11. whoa.

    that bag is seriously yummy.

  12. What a FABULOUS Choice!!!!! Enjoy her!
  13. I :heart: your new bag... gorgeous!

    Miu Miu leather is amazing, but I think Ava's leather is just as amazing... you made a wonderful choice!
  14. Love that bag, was trying it on last week, almost bought it, but just bought 2 Dior's on sale, so had to pass. Congratulations, it's a beautiful bag!!
  15. Utterly Gorgeous.