Went shopping & came home with....

  1. bleeker flap. What a great casual everyday bag this is gonna be! It actually FITS and STAYS on my shoulder :yahoo: The straps these days are too short for me & this is just perfect. My friend couldn't find anything (well, one skinny scarf), so she let me use her PCE. Pretty cool. I've had a very hard week with my boys (one of whom has autism) and this was such a good treat for myself. Thanks for letting me share!

  2. I am soooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! Which color did you get and did you get signature or leather??? This bag is my newest obsession!!!! LUCKY GIRL!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Pics, Pics, we need pics!!:woohoo:
  4. Well, I'm now sitting here with my sulfur mask on my face and in my grubby jammies, so no modeling pics for now. Got the larger one in black leather, I think this will be a good mommy bag for me (now that we're out of the diaper stage & such).
  5. congrats!!! :tup: Can't wait to see pics!!!! :yes:
  6. Congrats Amy!!! :yahoo:
  7. Congrats can't wait to see some pictures...
  8. Congrats on a great bag!
  9. Mmm....large leather bleeker flap....congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats on a great buy - now for the pics! Please!
  12. Pics~!!!!!!!! Pics!!!!!!! We Need Pics!!!!! Please!!!!!!!
  13. Yes, pics please!!!