Went shopping at LV today and got overcharged (plus saw the Berkeley)!!

  1. I went to LV today to exchange my blue denim shawl that I got for Christmas (I live in FL...figured I wouldn't use it too much).

    I was browsing and saw lots of monogram Vernis in the new purple...Sunset Boulevard, key holder, wallets..

    Also saw the berkeley. I was thinking about getting it, but decided not too, as I like a bag I can also put on my shoulder. It does fit on the shoulder, but just does not look good IMO. Too bulky. I am pretty thin too. The bag is like a large structured speedy, with a slightly longer handle. It really isn't meant to go on the shoulder. It is a beautiful handheld bag, however. One thing to note, the Tivoli GM handles would absolutely work to make the straps longer on the Damier Azur Berkeley.:yes:

    I decided to get a pair of sunglasses instead, something I will use in FL. I chose the honey colored Obsession Carre and paid $525 for them. I went to look at the Sunglasses online, and saw they were $450. There are Obsession Carre landscape sunglasses for $525, but they are in the Tortoiseshell color. Before I go make a fool of myself...do the Obsession Carre lanscapes also come in the honey color? I only see one color on LV.com and exluxury. Please help! Thanks!!
  2. I've never seen the Obsession Carre landscapes in the honey color. Did you call your SA back? I hope you get this straightened out. In any case, congratulations on your new sunglasses!!
  3. Why dont you call first and make sure..you wont be making your self look stupid..who cares anyway it might be their mistake..
  4. I would call the 866 number. I have heard where the online is different from the store and also Elux. I have no idea why.
  5. Hmm... I too would give LV a ring in the morn...