Went shopping...again!

  1. Well, we went to SF today "just to look" but of course they had some new pocket squares and one matched Miss Evelyne so perfectly I had to get it, right? We looked at bags. They had a few beautiful Bolides. One small in black vache liagge, one meduim in potiron Togo (gorgeous!), one in red, and my SA brought out an absolutley TDF Ebene Bolide (I think it was Clemence?). It was so gorgeous!!!
    As I was trying not to drool on the Potiron he asked if I would be intersted if he could find me an orange or potiron Kelly to which I responded YES!!! :nuts::upsidedown: He took down my name and number and said he'd put his feelers out. I hope it takes a while cause I have to save up some! But I was excited that he asked. :wlae:
    We also went to Goyard and I bought a card case in orange to match my orange Ulysee. It was a great day but now I really need to stop going to Hermes every weekend or I'm never gonna save up for my Kelly. :lol: OK, from now on I have to be :angel: !!!!
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  2. I love your new scarf. That is so beautiful.
  3. that pocket square is heaven!!! the colours are lovely - gonna look fab with your new bag!! how exciting about the kelly! potiron would be sooooooooo nice!!!
  4. Your new purchases are beautiful! Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations on your beautiful new purchases and for getting on the Kelly list! So excited for you! I hope your Kelly dreams come true soon!
  6. Thank you!!! We were looking at scarves and I fell in love with the new one that looks like a stained glass window in the red/orange colorway. I mentioned that it would look so beautiful with a potiron or orange Kelly and my SA and DH chuckled...they know I'm totally hooked on Hermes! :girlsigh: OK, now I really need to live vicariously for a while! When I got home I had an offer from my CC to raise my limit $5,000...I tore it up right away so I would not be tempted but maybe it was a sign that a Kelly could be coming my way. (I'd like to think so anyway!) :lol: OK, save, save, save! :angel:
  7. I didn't know there was a Goyard in San Francisco.Where in union square is it? thanks .I love the color of your scarf so pretty!:flowers:
  8. it's a sign, for sure!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks Kristie!!! Your avatar is gorgeous btw! I :heart: your bag! :flowers:

    Toonie, Thanks! Goyard is part of the Westin St. Francis building, on the corner, kitty corner from Saks. They have hands down the nicest SA's! (not including my SA at Hermes, of course ;) ) But the guys there are always super nice and helpful. I was debating on whether to get my initials painted but it takes 6 weeks and I wanted my card case now. :lol:
  10. [​IMG]
    love the scarf love it oh and about the goyard please keep me posted hoe drable the material is and the painting on it please (have an eye on a gym bag but want to know first hand got mixed reviews)
  11. Will do Lilach, I didn't get it painted yet but I will let you know how it goes. I heard mixed reviews as well but was wanting something orange to match my Ulysee but didn't want to spend a whole lot because I need to save for my Kelly. (It was $215.) :flowers:
  12. I smell a Kelly coming! That is going to be great!!!

    Congrats on your new purchases....enjoy them.
  13. Heehee, I do too. Congrats, crochet. Love that scarf!!!!
  14. Thanks Kellybag and hermesgroupie! :flowers: :heart:
  15. OMG crochetbella I think I saw you today! Maybe around 1ish? I was the little Asian girl in front of Hermes trying to attach a keychain to my Birkin while my boyfriend smoked outside? He was cajoled into buying me a bracelet so he was very sulky that day. I saw a lovely woman wearing a Blue Jean Evelyn and thought it was probably somebody from TPF but didn't want to sound crazy!