Went shoppin' last night!

  1. U look great with the bag!:tup: Love that u can wear it crossbody! I should think about it :rolleyes:
    Congrats! :flowers:
  2. Thanks for sharing and congrats!
  3. I love it!! Never seen it before!
  4. I love it what are all the colors in comes in?
  5. I love this!
  6. As far as I know it comes in that burgundy that I have, the black, green and appearently a taupe that Hirshleifers was ordering. I looked back at their Act 1 for fall 2012 and they had it described as a Elastic CC "half moon flap-mini". It looks like there is a large size also that I did not see. I wore it last night and today and it is a real simple, light and easy bag!
  7. Awesome! I love it how you can wear it crossbody.
  8. congrats, great that you can wear it as a messenger.
  9. I like everything about this elastic CC- the brownish burgundy really suits this leather. The shape is fun too. Congrats!
  10. Its lovely!Congrats!
  11. Congrats! It looks great on you! Could you please tell me what hw is on the black one? Thanks
  12. Could u please post pix & modeling pix? TIA ;)
  13. I think they all have the ruthenium hardwear, at least mine and the black one they had did!
  14. This bag looks gorgeous ! Would you mind doing a comparison picture for size reference? Is there a back pocket? TIA!
  15. Congrats and look absolutely perfect on you :love::love: