Went out to lunch with the girls yesterday.....

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  1. I was carrying my new Stephen MONO....all I got was a rash of crap...."its so damn big...are you going on vacation or something??" are you kidding me???? Im like...this bag is beautiful!!!! Am I delusional>?:wtf:
  2. Stop worrying! They probably were just jealous!!!LOL!!
  3. No, it's and awesome bag! I actually have to pick which friends I do and don't carry certain bags around though.....it's not worth the comments, some just don't understand. Besides, big bags are very fashionable, where's there sense of style!
  4. I guess it threw me, as every bag I have is HUGE...I like my big bags!!!! F them....Jill I want that green Prada bag!!! I would love to go strolling into the next lunch with that piece of art.
  5. You should have done this to them: :blah: (I've been waiting to use this smiley for so long!!!)
  6. :confused1: Trust me... I looked at them like they had lost thier minds!!! NO one here even realizes that its like NEW in the LV line. :confused1:
  7. :roflmfao:

    Agreed, don't pay attention to comments like these.
  8. wear the bag with pride girl....it's a HOTT bag:jammin: ...they were obviously envious!:graucho: I would crap my pants :wtf: if I saw someone wearing that on the street...I LOVE IT!!:heart:
  9. Your bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the girls to go shopping at Wal-Mart because it's probably more their style. :roflmfao:

  10. Maybe they should hang out with my GFs!:upsidedown: The ones that thought my denim neo speedy was Coach.:weird: :lol:

  11. Totally agree don't listen to them it's a hot bag
  12. HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny enough ....the ONE time I carried my pink denim neo...the same crew was like...what the hell is that???
  13. I wouldnt worry what others say! If you enjoy/love the bag,wear it and enjoy.
  14. That's funny you say that, so many people I know think coach is like the most expensive or best bag you can buy, so they'll ask me if my bags are coach a lot:rolleyes: . On another note, a GF of mine was looking at my new Lexington yesterday, mind you she owns some LV but isn't as hard core as me....she was asking me how much pochettes are going for these days, not realizing the Lexington is one of the priciest ones, once she was guessing past $400 she was like:wtf: then she got louder and louder by the time she got up to $600 and I just said :yes: and shhhhhhh the guys are just in the other room!!:angel:
  15. blah....just shows that they're inconsiderate and have absolutely no sense of style! Some people have certain passions, while others may not share the same ones, but they should respect the things you like and not bash ya, especially since you JUST bought the bag. Don't worry, your bag is GORGEOUS! they're jealous....but it's not a bad thing either, I would personally think of this 'jealousy' in a positive way, cuz they want to be like YOU! so it's in fact a compliment.........