Went out to get my ink city and came home with...

  1. I just could not wait anymore. I went to the "city" today and checked the sistershop of the one that had my ink city on layaway. So they had a black city, caramel and grey first as well an ink work...
    The first is really too small for me, but I tried on the work and I did fall in love right away. I never thought the size would fit me but it's perfect.
    So they called the other store and I went home with ink "work" and no city.
    I'm very happy. This is my first b-bag but certainly not my last.

    Tell me what you think, the leather is fine but needs conditioning, it's distressed but not too veiny actually looks more veiny in the pics than in real life. I love it, but am still a little unsure if the city with the strap would not have been a little more practical, hmmm...

    DSCN3290 copie.jpg DSCN3293 copie.jpg DSCN3294 copie.jpg DSCN3295.JPG
  2. grhh, pictures ended up really small sorry I don't know how to downsize them without them ending up so tiny.
  3. Keep the work!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! It's so beautiful!!!!!! :love: This color is hard to find! :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. oh it's beautiful!! i love the work size and the ink colour..perfect! congrats!
  5. :yahoo: Beautiful bag!!! I love the work size too...the city just doesn't look right on me.
  6. Oh waouh Catcat CONGRATS :flowers: :yahoo: , it looks beautiful I really like ink too, it's so versatile, even if I think I'm gonna play it safe and go for black for my next purchase ( as always)....I think though that the same thing might happen to me... going for a city and coming home with a work... I thought it would be too big too but my laptop doesn't fit in the city:crybaby: (and yeah my laptop is already pretty small and it's not like I can buy a smaller one only so that it fits the city:graucho: )
  7. Love It!!!!!!!!
  8. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!!!!
  9. Its beautiful, you made the right choice.
  10. She is a keeper! Congrats!
  11. Thanks everybody I think it's a keeper as well. I love how the color changes with light it sometimes nearly looks purple.
    I am soooooooooo happy!
    Now I will just have to get a city in another color, hmmm.
    Live is tough!
  12. Great choice!! Work is my favourite size. I love ink. Congrats !!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. Ink is my favorite bbag color and it is especially nice in the work. Congrats on your new bag!!!!
  15. congrats on your 1st b-bag catcat, that blueberry work's a beauty :flowers: