Went out to eat on Friday at our favourite Indian restaurant

  1. and there were two families there with little children in high chairs! What on earth?

    One of them spent the whole time shredding bread and dropping it on the floor while the two women with her completely ignored her, and the other cried gradually louder and louder until they ended up moving tables.

    If you can afford to eat out you can afford a babysitter IMO.... or am I being harsh?
  2. Think you're being a bit harsh. I'm not a great fan of kids in restaurants myself but even with all the money in the world i'm sure you can't always find a babysitter.
  3. I think you may be a little more bothered by it than most? I trained my boys from birth to eat at fine resturants-that is what we do as a family, it is our special time. Of course I am very strict about table behavior. I can afford a babysitter, but it is important to me that my children learn manners and class, especially since they will be men(although you would never guess that from my 18 year old, he is such a hoosier, but he does know how to behave).
  4. It's true that sometimes you just can't find a babysitter. That doesn't mean that you sit at home and never go out. My daughter was always great in restaurants. On the off chance that she did cry, my husband or I would get up and leave with her for a few minutes until she calmed down. I believe that the parents in this situation should have done the same.
  5. I understand your aggrevation! I don't have kids, but I am TTC and I just don't have the mom/dad ear yet where you can tune out the screeches and squeelze or ignore the mess.

    I have a friend who was VERY intolerant of this behavior and once he became a dad, he said he was no longer annoyed by defening screams from children because he had become accustom to his own.

    I can say, that DH and I have already discussed which restaurants were child appropriate and which weren't. Any place with a tablecloth was out :tdown: once they were past 6 months. (I hear you can take the new ones everywhere while they are asleep).
  6. I think any parents should remove a child from a situation when they cannot behave appropriately, whether it is a restaurant, a theater or a retail store. But if a child is quiet, then I see no reason they cannot be somewhere.

    As the mother of 3, I am extremely aggravated when I finally get to go out with dh and someone else allows a child to scream or be loud in a restaurant or theater. I usually have children with me, and I never fail to physically remove them from a situation in which they cannot behave, even if that means I need to sit in the car or go outside with them while the rest of the family finishes eating or watching a show. I expect the same of other parents.
  7. Maybe it was the situation that threw me..... you know I expect to see children if I go and eat at a pub, but an Indian restaurant? It's not like they have a children's menu!
  8. Um, I'm from South Asia. We (including the kids) like to eat home food once in a while, you know?
  9. Fair comment, I did think that when I wrote the last reply, but these weren't Asian children and I didn't see either of them eat anything when they were there
  10. I think you are being harsh. See, Unfortunately I live 2 hours away from my closest family and friends, so if DH and I want to go anywhere we have to bring out our 3 boys. I would not want to impose 3 kids on my neighbors at any cost, especially at night when they want to relax. (It's not like we just have 1 kid~3 is a bit much!)

    Believe me when I tell you, I am super strict with my kids~especially when we go out in public. But fortunately for me, they know how to behave at the table and eat. I can't even tell you how many times we get comliments on how good they are.(and they are 5, 3, and 1) They sit, eat, and talk. sometimes they get loud, but they are kids. If we are going to a nicer place to eat, we usually ask for a table in the furthest corner of the place, or closer to another family that has kids. When mine start to act up (Usually it's the baby) then we hurry up and eat, and get out. (Sux for us because DH and I hardly ever see each other).

    One time my dad did come up to watch the boys, and DH and I went out to eat at a nice place. There was a kid screaming, but it did not bother me, or DH. The screaming fell on def ears! (we just laughed, and said~"Wow, for once it's not us!) LOL! I guess if you are just use to it, you don't even give it a second thought.

    I don't blame you for wanting peace and quiet when on a date with DH. But just take into consideration those that can't get out by themselves~and have no other source of babysitters. Not Everyone is as fortunate.
  11. I take my kids with me when I go to an Indian restaurant. I try to expand their horizons as much as possible. I take them pretty much everywhere. I didnt know it was frowned upon. My kids behave. Probably because they are used to going everywhere with us. They shouldnt have to be confined to eating at applebees and Chucky Cheese.

    How about Indian children? Dont you think they'd like to go to an Indian restaurant?
  12. This is getting a little out of hand. As I said earlier one family was ignoring the child they were with, and the other one let her sit there whinging and crying

    now I'm sorry but this was a small restaurant and it's not what I wanted to deal with. It was like trying to eat in a nursery.

    If children behave then fine, I've no problem with them being there, but I can't bear it when people take small children into what is essentially an adult situation and then let them run amok
  13. Occasionally my DH & I will go out to "grown up" dinner but 90% of the time, our kids go out to eat with us. I do agree that screaming, crying & ill behaved children should be removed from a restaurant full of people trying to have a nice dinner. However, You cannot expect to go out to dinner & there not be children in the establishment. I would recommend going to a bar where you know kids are not allowed if it bothers you that much. Or going to a later dinner...As far as dropping food on the floor, I don't see why that would bother someone else so much. When my kids were small, yes crackers & snacks ended up on the floor. It happens... That's when we tipped EXTRA;) & of course, was very apologetic to the staff~

    My kids have been taught from a very early age what proper behavior is. They KNOW if they were to act up, they are heading outside for a "talk"~ We were at Red Lobster last Sunday having lunch when a group of about 6 people got up & were leaving. They were sitting a couple of tables away from us. As one gentlemen walked by, he stopped & patted my DH on the back & said " I have to tell you what wonderfully behaved boys you have there. It's very refreshing!" That was the nicest thing to hear.

    Hautemama, ITA!:yes:
  14. I take it you have no children.
  15. Ita! As long as the child is well behaved I don't see what the big deal is. We have taken dd out to eat with us maybe 3 times since she was born. Fortunately each time she just slept and dh and I were able to enjoy our meal.