Went out for Fendi came back with Marc (2!)

  1. Okay guys. I was on my way to Fendi to sort out whether or not I could deal with the flap on a B Bag when somehow I ended up at Nordstrom. I walked out with TWO MJ bags, one of which I'm not sure I'm keeping.
    Here is the black Karen:
    MJ Karen.jpg
    It is such a pretty and practical bag BUT it weighs a TON! And I don't have that much in it. Therefore I am debating whether or not I should return it. Any advice from owners of this bag would help me alot.:yes:

    Here is the little stam patchwork in beige:
    MJ mini stam cream.jpg
    I missed my little black mini stam but didn't want black again and fell in love with this one.

    So much for the new Fendi!
  2. I like #2 and love #1. The only question I have is ...can the chain be removed? It may help with the weight of the bag.
  3. it can. but much to my surprise its still heavy as hell! I can't figure it out! Its leather is folded and it is a big bag even without anything in it, it's a heavy mofo.:yes: I'm going to take it grocery shopping tonight and see if I don't come back with a torn rotator cuff...

    p.s. and it just looks so cool with the chain...:crybaby:
  4. I like the baby stam! They both are very pretty though! Why can't you keep both? Lol!
  5. cause I was a bad girl. I was only going to spend a fraction of what I ended up spending today. I'm trying to hate the Karen so I can take it back!
  6. I dunno, girl, you rock both of those. Maybe think about what you already have and decide by which one is the most unique? Cause they are both *gorgeous*!!!
  7. thanks you guys are no help! ENABLERS THE LOT OF YOU! :roflmfao:
  8. Keep both, they are too great!!!
  9. :yes:I think both of these bags look great on you. but if the Karen is really heavy, maybe you should return it to get another lighter bag? (also MJ)
  10. you mean like the Fendi B-Bag I originally went out for? :roflmfao: I know. The Fendi is cheaper too.....that is, if Barneys still has it....
  11. I think they both look amazing on you! I prefer the Karen but if it's weight is that much of an issue maybe you should return it and keep the little Stam. Good luck with your decision!!
  12. I just got back from the grocery store and it was a success! Either my shoulder is getting used to it or I just wasn't paying attention to the weight but it was pretty comfortable shopping with it. May be keeping both....thanks for the responses guys!
  13. the karen looks so nice on you! the baby stam makes it more of an evening look, but it looks great on u too. ;)
  14. I understand as I am in similar situation too. I was thinking of letting go my black stam to get another lighter bag (non MJ) I am eyeing now. But it looks so gorgeous! i just cant bear to let it go! Hope you keep both.. hahaha! we are great enablers, arent we? muarhaha!
  15. ^^^ I know! I am so screwed!