went on a shopping spree (pics)!!!

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  1. I just bought a little something something for me for Christmas and so excited to have these for the holidays. Of course, I'm still wanting more:yahoo: Oh well maybe next year:wlae: Hope the pics are ok
    Mixed pics 003 [Desktop Resolution].jpg Mixed pics 004 [Desktop Resolution].jpg Mixed pics 006 [Desktop Resolution].jpg Mixed pics 007 [Desktop Resolution].jpg Mixed pics 009 [Desktop Resolution].jpg
  2. Gorgeous haul! Congratulations!
  3. Wow! What a shopping spree! Absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy your new babies! ;)
  4. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  5. i'm green with envy! congrats!
  6. Wow! congrats!
  7. Awesome purchases!!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  8. I agree! You got some great stuff!
  9. Wowza!!! Congrats!!! and I love the Pastilles key holder/bracelet!!! You will have a very happy new year with your new LV! :yes:
  10. talk about shopping spree!!! love all the new stuff! congrats :happydance:
  11. :nuts: ALL GORGEOUS!!!:drool: The pics look great:biggrin:
  12. OMG!!! Everything's very GORGEOUS!!!
  13. LOL! Still wanting more, eh? That's the story of my life. Congrats on the new goodies, they look lovely! : )
  14. OOP!!! double post..sorry
  15. WOW!! I like the bag. Whats the name of the bag? And if you don't mind, how much did yu buy it for? I think am gonna make my last purchase for the year soon!

    Thanks lots!