Went on a little shoppingspree today...

  1. Hi everybody

    I went to Copenhagen today to do a little shopping!
    I got two new LV pieces (and my first ever Hermès piece - have posted this in the Hermès forum)

    Well Friday last week I call the LV store in Copenhagen cuz I wanted to know if they had a specefic item but they told me that they hadn't been able to get this item.
    I was a bit sad but I ask about it today - and THEY HAD IT!!! :nuts::yahoo:
    I was SOOOO happy - and naturally I celebrated by not only getting that but one other thing!

    Wanna see?
  2. Pics!! Pics!!! Pics!!!!

    Let us see what you got!
  3. Yes!!!
  4. What did you get??!!
    & Congrats!
  6. I do wanna see. Please tell!
  7. Don't tease us!
  8. let us seeeeeeeee! :mad: lol, kidding.
  9. Really sorry about the quality of the pics... They are taken with my mobilecamera..
    My "real" camera is currently MIA.:tdown:

    Hope U like them anyway and I will look for my camera tomorrow!
    alleposer.JPG lillelvpose.JPG storlvpose.JPG
  10. Oh, exciting! Can't wait till you reveal your wonderful goodies!
  11. good god...i cant take all these strip teases
  12. What is it? I'll check back later.
  13. Okay I'll be nice and reveal it right away :nuts:

    The calender is the small ring agenda in Amarante - the pic so doesn't do it justice!!!
    stor kasse.JPG indpakning.JPG kasseindhold.JPG indhold.JPG indholdkalender.JPG
  14. And last but not least :yes:

    Its the perfo belt in black leather :yahoo:
    lillekasse.JPG belt1.JPG belt.JPG
  15. cool ... congrats!