Went on a lil' shopping spree...

  1. Well, last night (Saturday) BF and I were going to go out after he got off work but it turns out he wasn't feeling well :sad: . SO, since I was already dressed up (trademark black top and heels, black leather jacket, dark denim jeans and my black MC pochette) I decided WTF I'm Going Shopping. :wlae:

    Some of this was in person, and some later online as the mall was closing.

    Here's the damage:
    Rock & Republic Costello jeans:

    Fendi sunnies (in brown...I have the black already):
    Gucci sunnies (taking a chance on these as the larger ones looked silly on me):

    Lori Bonn earrings (getting obsessed with her stuff!)

    also got some Chanel lip gloss and Dior Show mascara...restocking...

    Not bad, eh? :graucho: I also drooled over some amazing Gucci drivers but alas I have my black suede Pradas already...what's a girl to do ;)
  2. Wow very nice !!! I like it all ! I didn't know Lori Bonn but I understand why you like these they are gorgeous, well done !
  3. love the r&r! great choice!
  4. whoo! you are my shopping hero!
  5. Well done!! Love those jeans!
  6. fab shopping!

    well done, you made some fab choices there :biggrin:
  7. hehe...call it a little spree!
  8. Great purchases! Enjoy!
  9. WOW love your FENDI sunnies!!!
  10. great purchases, i'm lovin those r&r jeans!!!:yes:
  11. Thank you all SO much! Everything has arrived now and is just as fabulous as I imagined...jeans are going to the tailor tomorrow and both the sunnies are a hit!! The brown Fendis are a super rich brown and they are the perfect larger size on me (not super large but a definite statement). And the smaller Guccis are a little smaller than I had anticipated but the squarish shape is great with my fuller cheeks. And, I'm going to Florida for a few days this winter so you can't have too many sunnies.

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