Went off the deep end and zipped over to LV...Pics!

  1. Alright so it takes at least one hour to get downtown from my house. LV closes at 6pm today so at 4:20pm today I went off the deep end and was like, "Ahhh! I need to get that LV!:cursing::hysteric:". Typical me waiting until the last minute before I freak out. So I jumped into my car at 4:30 and rushed down to the bus station. Ofcourse I get stuck behind a new driver who is going 40km/hr in a 50km/hr zone. :rolleyes: Anyways, I made the 4:47 bus and just made it onto the 5:00 seabus with one minute to spare. After the seabus I took a skytrain one stop and then ran up 3 sets of stairs/escalators. Rushed up the hill to LV and got there at 5:30pm.

    When I got there my regular SA wasn't working so I just went to a random SA cuz I was in a rush. I asked to see the Damier Porte Valeurs Organizer and ofcourse she didn't know what that was. :rolleyes: So I had to point it out in the Catalogue for her. She took me to the men's section where it was on display. I always thought this was a women's wallet. Is it really a men's wallet? I wonder why it was in the men's section. :confused1: I think it may be unisex, but I still think its more of a women's wallet that a men's wallet. What do you all think?

    Anyways, I asked her to take out two new ones so I picked the better of the 2! :nuts: And then when I was trying to put my cards in the slots, the SA asked if I could only put one card in it, because she was afraid that the cards would stretch out the leather. I told her I wanted to see how far the cards come up on each other so she was like, OK, you can put 2. Are most SAs like this? Because all the other SAs I've had don't say anything.

    Also, in that men's section was that new maroon leather limited editon card holder and wallet I think. The one with the perforated "Louis Vuitton" on it. Anyone know what this line is called? The cardholder was $330 CAD. Very nice.

    Hotel Vancouver also had both Mirage Speedys! I tried on the Bordeux (sp?) one. I liked the fact that it had alcatranta (sp?) lining. They also had Le Precieux on both colours.

    Anyways, I had just bought my first Damier piece, the cles on August 23rd. I loved it so much, I was like Ahh, I need more! So now my Damier collection is complete. I like Damier the best in flat accessories because I think it looks sleek and sophistcated when its flat.

    So here she is! My 2nd LV wallet and Damier piece and my very first long wallet ever! It cost $345 CAD.

    Damier Porte Valeurs Organizer:

    The inside:

    My completed Damier collection!

    The 2 wallets that I'm going to use together:

    Enjoy the pics!

    BTW, anyone know where the date code is?
  2. Awesome awesome!! Congrats!!
  3. I love your new Damier organizer! I looks like a great choice. Try looking inside the flap for the date code.
  4. Nice! I love Damier =) Now I want a wallet!
  5. What a day!

    Totally worth it tho!

  6. Very nice!!! Congratulations!
  7. Thanks! The trip back was equally as stressful. I RAN back to the seabus with 30 seconds to spare! :wacko: If I had missed that I would have had to wait 30 minutes for the next one!
  8. Congrats arnott! Haha I can't believe it's that troublesome for you to get to the nearest LV. But hey it's all worth it ;)

    Off topic (kinda), how much is the mirage speedy? 2000 cdn?
  9. Yes, I think so.
  10. No-one is answering if they think the PVO is a men's wallet or a women's wallet! :sad: And if its unisex is it more womens or more mens?
  11. Congrats! My bro has the same wallet, so I guess it's marketed as a mens' wallet. I guess you don't like to drive over the bridge, eh? I wouldn't either.
  12. Really? I've never seen a man with a long wallet before...except my uncle who has the black epi zippy wallet! But that is a women's wallet.

    I'm ok with driving over the bridge, its just that parking's a ***** downtown! :nuts:
  13. congrats!!!!

    i have the exact same wallet.....i've been using it on and off for years!!!! it is one of the most practial wallet and i love mine~!!!!
    you just made me wanna use mine....!
  14. Cool! Glad to know its practical! :yahoo: I've never used a long wallet before so I'll have to get used to it.

    Whip that baby out! :graucho:
  15. I've NEVER had a SA tell me not to do something with an item, LOL. When I try on bags I put all my crap in them to see how they look filled, and same with wallets.

    I love those burgundy mens wallets w/ the perfo Louis Vuitton written on it!!! I want to get one for my fiance, but am afraid he'll think it's too girly. I think they come in gray too (more popular).