Went in for waitlist and got this....

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  1. So i popped into the city today to go put myself on the waitlist for the watercolour speedy 35 (which i did now i just need to wait :sweatdrop:) but the little SA bought out something i COULD NOT resist!! Shall we guess :graucho:

    watercolour belt 001.jpg
  2. a brown bag!
  3. What was in that bag?:confused1:

    watercolour belt 006.jpg
  4. Oohh, please show!! Reveals are always exciting!
  5. lets see
  6. Diordarling, I'm clicking on the attachment and it says "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator".

    I'll try again! Wanna see your purchase!
  7. Nada!!!
  8. The Gorgeous watercolour belt

  9. There is no attachment to view. Did you get the white or the brown one?
  10. erhh she's in bed already? anyway...congrats on purchase..check it again tomorrow ;)
  11. Someone go wake her up, I wanna see pics!
  12. AHHHH i want to seeee!!!
  13. Darn it! I hate stripteases.... no attachments working... so sad!