Went in for the Cabas, Came home with the Rock and Chain large hobo

  1. Ok, so after finally getting my SA on the phone, she told me to come in and pick up. I thought I was going to get my denim coco cabas. But no. There he was, staring at me in all his badassness......
    I came home with the black rock and chain large hobo. And I must agree-this bag rocks!!!!

    ps. I also picked up the baby animal print thongs. LOVE THEM!!!!
  2. OMG! congrats :dothewave:

    pics please?
  3. oooooooh! Jill has the same one! It is one hot bag! Congrats!
  4. Congrats on your new bag, enjoy! :yahoo:
  5. congrats!! wow 2 ladies that love this bag. yay pics pics pics
  6. Awesome! My mom got a call for this bag today, but passed because she couldn't go see it...still waitlisted at a few other places though. Congrats! It's a really cool bag.
  7. So why did you decide on the hobo instead of the Cabas? What was it about the hobo, that you liked better?

    Please show us some pictures. That bag amazes me in that it looks different from all angles.
  8. Congrats, just saw Jills, and it is TDF.
  9. I can't wait to see pics. I wish I could see this bag in person b/c it looks HOT!
  10. CONGRATS!How wicked cool is this bag!I was prepared NOT to like it and was SO HAPPY when I finally got it and LOVED IT!
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics as well!
  12. I actually want the shoes u got too..heehee..TRYING to be good...LOL...
  13. JILL!! It never ends!!! I was waiting to not like this bag.....But its bad!!
    I think I need to calm down for a hot minute.....
  14. Oh, I didn't take home the cabas, because I need to control myself and seriously, spending almost 4k today I couldn't bring myself to do!! I need to do some serious control excercises. On top of that, I have the caviar cabas and the vinyl-I feel like one more would have been over kill (thats my adult side kicking in). Besides, this bag ROCKS!!

    Who am I kidding, that denim cabas is waiting for me.....
  15. Well if you already have both the leather and vinyl Cabas, I can see why you went for this hobo...

    Does this new R&C hold as much as the vinyl? I'm still waiting for my call from the SA...