Went high end purse shopping for the first time ever!

  1. Of course, I was looking and touching, but not buying today. I hadn't planned on going anywhere, so I was in shorts, t-shirt and sandals! :wtf: But... it was fun. My toddler crashed in the stroller and i ENJOYED.

    This is what I found for my big arms and the "stay on the shoulder test". I was surprised at some things!

    First, many will not stay on my shoulder. Nothing patent will stay on my shoulder, most double straps won't stay on my shoulder, and so many are TOOOOO short.

    The ones that past the test and that I could TOTALLY see myself wearing if I had a gazillion dollars to spend on bags are these:

    Jimmy Choo Calfskin Hobo - LOVELY BAG!!! and I like that it doesn't scream, "Hey, I'm a Jimmy Choo bag!!"

    Botkier Bryant Large hobo. This bag feels nice and that front pocket is BIG and useful. There are two slash pockets which is GREAT! Nice, Nice bag for the price. They had it in Bronze/copper and it was GORGEOUS and felt great too.

    Prada Antik Cervo Handbag... OMG gorgeous and SOOOOOOOO practical. The side pockets are so deep and hold a full 20 ozs. water bottle on each end. I'm In heaven looking and touching this bag.

    I was also surprised that I liked Gryson, a LOT!!! Found that this sits very nicely on the shoulder - the bigger and the smaller one. I saw it in gray and it looked GREAT!

    Then, just for the art lover in me, I loved this one Fendi bag, but I can't find it online. The tag said $3200! L:roflmfao: Too funny... It was a big tote with some leather and some fur stuff (like pony fur, not in your face FUR) and it was all patchwork in autumn colors - gorgeous! and it fit so nicely on the shoulder... I would have to donate a lung I think though to ever buy it! :p

    Now... do I sell everything to get one of the two expensive ones? or Settle for the Botkier. I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE with the Prada bag, but... I don't want anyone to see the Prada label because I don't want to be judged by my bag - good or bad!!! :s
    jimmychoo1.jpg botkier1.jpg antikcervo.jpg gryson.jpg
  2. My recommendation? Buy what you love, what will make you happy, and what you can afford. I'd personally rather get nothing than settle for something I didn't love. I've been there before and i'm still out the $$ but without a bag I want to wear.
  3. This is true, but when I think of what that kind of money that it can BUY, I have a hard time justifying! There is no justifying it period... NO ONE can justify a luxury bag! I keep thinking, it could go towards a new dining set, a new laptop (ours needs to go in for repair), vacation fund, new all-clad pans, home repair... There's ALWAYS something that NEEDS to be done or bought. That's the rub. Honestly.... a $80 purse works just fine, so why the lusting for a $1900??? It really, truly is CRAZY!!! Yet, I'm sitting here thinking about what I can sell to get one of these! So sad! LOL
  4. if i were you, i'd buy the prada bag. it's a classic. you seem to love it. and i don't think folks will be judging by the bag - if you're concerned about the prada tag, wear that on the back. i'd rather have one bag i really really love than several bags.
  5. I just bought my first expensive bag myself from the big gryson sale.Before that $45.00 was the most expensive bag i ever bought at TJ Max. For some reason i just love the looks of those gryson bags.
  6. This is soooooo true. I'm not a stash person, so having one or two bags that I adore that can be used for EVERYTHING is what I need.

    Of course, I couldn't have just ONE bag, but two is probably enough.
  7. i'd go with the botkier hobo..at the moment im getting the large rose satchel in plum....
  8. I own roughly 3 high-end bags. They cost a lot, and I adore them. I don't have any other bags. That's how you justify the expense. Buy what you want, and never buy anything else. I bought all my high-end bags when I was a student. Had very little money, but all that meant was that I was very frugal and only ever spent money on the perfect choices (whether it was the best deal I could get on law texts, or the Anya Hindmarch bag that would be perfect for full time work).
  9. I love that botkier best. Once you get the best there's no going back. Trust me... I used to be the ten-20 dollar bag kinda girl who got bags I could wash lol I would treat yourself to one expensive bag at least in your lifetime.
  10. I have never done anything nice for myself - that's JUST for me..:girlsigh: it's always for me and someone to justify it to myself I guess. I had nice strollers for my kids (Still do), but I got them on sale, I actually sold them for more than I paid a year later. I get my hair cut once a year (at the most). I donate my tresses to Locks of Love when I do get it cut. I volunteer, I do service projects on my own and with an Ethical Society. I buy my clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and my shoes from Nordstrom Rack.

    The only other things I've done for ME, is to buy nice things for my kitchen to make my life easier...

    I do have a real Sherling coat, but I got that for 90% off! (No kidding!)...:yahoo:

    DH and I had a real rough time in our marriage recently too, like neither of us were happy. I wasn't, he wasn't. I just felt so "unwomanly":hrmm:. I was just MOM and housekeeper. I still am, but I went and got some newer clothes that fit. I started wearing my hair down and putting on makeup every few days instead of NEVER. I decided I wanted to trade in my diaper bags for a nice, leather bag that was for ME... I could "share it" with the toddler, but it was for ME!!! The only other "expensive" bag I have ever gotten were diaper bags!!!!

    I could put that saved money (won't ever dip into family funds, but I'm really good at finding deals and selling for profit) towards so many practical things... SO MANY... but, we are OK financially (enough so that I can stay home). We take vacations, we eat well, etc. I can splurge... just this one time. I'm giving myself permission. If DH can splurge on music stuff which truly is only for his own enjoyment, then why not something for ME??? His books and music stuff cost a lot more that one luxury bag and the bag takes up a LOT less room too! :lol:
  11. I'd say sleep on it and the one you think of the most through the night you get.

    even if its expensive just be patient and get it eventually....just be sure you get you love the most, DO NOT SETTLE, you will regret it later....

    One last thing, you do deserve whatever will make you happy...
    I am also a SAHM of 3 under 10 and I think buying nice stuff for myself helps keep me sane...
  12. Yeah why not! As long as your not in debt I think it's fine. I'm actually a member of a "frugal" forum to keep me motivated on saving more money but lately I've been spending more time on this forum lol Beautiful bags you love will last through you for life and maybe you can then pass it down to your kids, etc. There are pretty nice bags occasionally on sale for a good steal so maybe look at deals and steals for sales and coupon deals and wait? If you are worried about money that's what I would do. Or save up money for a really nice bag you love. Having the right bag and clothes can make you feel like a million bucks and you deserve it.

  13. That third one is GORGEOUS!!!!! Drooling! :smile:

    I have a hard time buying things just for myself but if I was determined I would save up and get that one huge thing just for me. :smile:
  14. Oh, I'm definitely sleeping on it...:tup: and probably will be for awhile, because I have to raise funds and in the meantime, other TRUE necessities might come up. I'll look for sales and wait and see. I just CAN'T pay full price:nogood:. I almost never do and I KNOW these go on sale every once in awhile. In the meantime, I'll try to raise funds and have the cash ready for WHATEVER when the time comes.

    It'll be fun to have a goal in mind! Now I just need to bookmark all sites and catch the deal when it happens. That's the key to being a good bargain hunter - being there and acting on it FAST.:sweatdrop:
  15. Nope, we're not in debt, we pay everything off in full every month and we own only two credit cards, but only use one (second one in case for some reason there's something wrong with the card - it's happened!!!:cursing:)

    You'll have to share with me the frugal forum! I'm a HUGE bargain shopper and do all sorts of money saving stuff (except for quality of food - what you put in your body makes a DIFFERENCE! :tup:)

    I don't know about passing it down to my kids, :girlsigh: but I can see this bag going to work with me when I start back to work (next year when our little one turns three), for trips, etc. LOVE this bag!!! It is soooooo classic and SOOOOOOO me.

    The only thing I'll have to check to be SURE, SURE (and I probably have at LEAST a month before I'll have the rest of the funds raised) is that I'll need to be sure the strap can go over a COAT!!! I won't always be "naked" when wearing it... or do most people just carry purses in their hands when they are wearing a coat? Good question! And one I might put out there to the masses! :idea: