Went for a tote...came home with....

  1. Well I went shopping today for a tote and fell :love: :love: with this darling shoulder bag! Lambskin and tons of room inside!
  2. that's a beautiful bag.......so classic :love:
  3. Then, I had to get a small cosmetic case to throw in the bag so (don't hate me girls) I went to LV and bought this! I'm done now....I'll wait for next season to see what Chanel has to offer for totes.....
  4. Oh how beautiful!
  5. That is so cute! :love:
  6. Very pretty! Enjoy!
  7. ooohhh!!!! LOVE that bag..whats it called?
  8. oh thats sooo cute. is it from NM or chanel? how much was it, sorry im being so nosey..but everytime i go into chanel on maiden lane, they have nothing but the fufu colors out (pinks, lime greens, yellows etc)
  9. ooh i like!!! great set! =D
  10. Your bag is soooooooooo beautiful--great choice!
  11. Great pick!
  12. Very nice! Congrats!!
  13. What a fun day! I love what you bought. Darling bag!
  14. :biggrin: Pretty bag! The right one "followed you home"...
  15. Thank you, everyone! I didn't see any totes that called to me and then the SA took the one I bought out of the back (I swear...lot's of goodies are kept tucked "in the back") and it was love at first site.

    L1NKINP4RK, I THINK it's part of the new "Accordeon" line that just came out and it was $1,375.00. I bought this at the Chanel department in Neiman's in San Francisco. I agree about the Chanel Boutique...I peeked in there too and they had LOTS of summer colors out. AND this to-die-for-cute fabric bag with big fat plastic chain and closure that I'd love to have if I had a spare $1,095.00 laying around. So adorable...I don't know the name though. It had a mirror dangling off the chain. Too cute for words....