Went for a short vacation and.............

  1. came back with a newly discontinued bag!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I've been lusting after this bag for some time now.... In my more desperate hours some time ago, I rang France and the United States to check if they had stock, so that I could get friends to get it for me. (I live outside the USA). With great difficulty (trying to get by speaking in broken french), I ascertained that there was only one display piece left in France, and they would NOT be able to ship it to me. :wtf: I then rang USA and found out the the price after tax is :hysteric: !!!

    My hunt for the bag continued on my vacation to Thailand... and I was overjoyed to find that they had 2 pieces left!!!! I HAD to bring her home, and so here she is..... :wlae: ... my darling rouge bedford! :lol:
    rouge vernis bedford_wm.jpg
  2. wow.. that was quite a journey to getting your dream bag...
    but isn't it all worth it???
    she's a beauty! congrats!! :love:
  3. Congrats...I want that bag in that color...stunning !
  4. Beautiful!!!
  5. nice bag! glad to hear that you got your dream bag on your vacation!
  6. Aww.. congrats !!
  7. Congrats! You must be so excited! *hugs*
  8. I guess you could call this your "dream vacation", hehehe

    Congrats, yay:yahoo: she's a beauty! :heart: luv that color, too
  9. Thanks girls! :flowers: i've been admiring her beauty, but no chance to take it out yet. and the vernis seems so fragile!! plus its so striking, i need to see what clothes i can match it with :smile:
  10. That is one of the sexiest colors of vernis EVER!!!:graucho: CONGRATS!!!:wlae:
  11. you're really meant to have it :yes: enjoy :smile:
  12. WOW!! Congratulations.
    That is a sexy color, you are one dedicated LV lover :smile:
  13. That is such a gorgeous color, congrats on getting your baby
  14. BEAUTIFUL! is red a discontinued vernis color now??? i just won a beautiful authentic reade pm in red off ebay for a great price and had no idea it may be discontinued....:yes:
  15. Congrats!!so pretty